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bitchy | The Jeremy Clarkson story was so bad, people are talking about Rose Hanbury


As the Jeremy Clarkson story exploded over the weekend, people obviously expounded on how Clarkson’s violent rhetoric about the Duchess of Sussex reflected poorly on the entire Windsor clan. The Windsors have always stayed silent as Meghan has been attacked, abused, smeared and threatened. That’s because the Windsors enjoy seeing Meghan harmed in such ways, and they even instigate it. The call is coming from inside the house most of the time. What was also interesting was seeing some people bring the conversation around to Prince William’s treatment of his sister-in-law and why, as Harry said, they were always happy to lie to protect William. Catherine Whelen is a managing editor at the Wall Street Journal, and she tweeted a familiar “theory” about why things went down the way they did:

Interesting enough, I can’t embed that tweet because shortly after she tweeted that, her account disappeared. Perhaps it was on Rupert Murdoch’s orders – the Mudochs own the WSJ, The Sun and the Times of London. The Sun and the Times seem to be under strict orders to tamp down and flatly ignore gossip about William’s wandering sceptre. So… is that what happened here?

Besides that, Whelan kind of has the timeline wrong, at least that’s my theory. I think William’s very alleged (!!!) affair with the Marchioness of Cholmondeley was happening before and during Kate’s pregnancy with Louis, meaning 2017-18. The gossip about the affair didn’t start until February/March 2019. I think William absolutely briefed against Meghan specifically in 2019 to hide gossip about his affair. Even Richard Kay – who likely spoke directly to William – seemed to get orders to blame MEGHAN for the affair story. It was truly a bonkers time in royal gossip. But yes, in general, William and Kate sought to smear Meghan for multiple reasons, some of which involved William covering up rumors of a torrid affair.

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