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bitchy | The investigation into Duchess Meghan ‘looks like a PR exercise to muddy the waters’


The Sunday Times was the first outlet to report on Buckingham Palace “burying” their report on the bullying claims against the Duchess of Sussex. Something curious happened following the Times story though – very little follow-up reporting. Considering the wall-to-wall reporting on “Meghan is a bully, we promise” last year, and considering the monthly follow-ups repeating all of those anonymous claims, you would think that the Daily Mail, the Sun and the Mirror would all have extensive follow-up reporting on the Sunday Times story, right? You would think that royal reporters would call up their Kensington Palace contacts and get new statements about how the poor bullying victims feel about BP refusing to publicly call out their “bully.” That hasn’t happened. Curious. Newsweek did a follow-up story though. Newsweek spoke to Graham Smith, who is the head of Republic (the British anti-monarchy group).

The palace has not commented on the story but the suggestion led to fans of the duchess circulating the theory it was kept quiet because it exonerated Meghan. Another possibility is that the palace wanted to avoid re-igniting trans-Atlantic warfare with the Sussexes.

Graham Smith, chief executive of the anti-Monarchy campaign group Republic, told Newsweek there should be transparency.

“There’s an issue here which is whether the outcome may have been that it was all stirred up to distract from the Oprah interview, which was speculated at the time, so some openness would be helpful,” he said. “Also, have they bothered to look into the accusations of racism that came out of the Oprah interview? I think the answer is no. The whole thing looks like a PR exercise to muddy the waters and put them in the clear over the allegations that Meghan set out.”

[From Newsweek]

That’s a good point and I wish I had made it – considering the splashy announcement about the “bullying investigation” made just before the Oprah interview aired, surely the palace would also want to clarify some sh-t about Meghan’s accusations of racism? I guess not. Those accusations of racism were ignored, just as Meghan was ignored when she repeatedly sought help from the institution (the same institution which was actively trying to drive her to suicide).

Not to mention, the many incidents and stories about other royals and their attitudes towards staff. Prince Andrew treating Buckingham Palace household staffers like garbage, Prince William screaming at staffers, Prince Charles’s senior staff being racially abusive, etc. No splashy HR investigations for any of that.

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