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bitchy | The Devil Wears Michael Kors: Anne Hathaway recreates an iconic look


The Devil Wears Prada has become one of the most iconic movies of the past twenty years. It’s one of those rare Cinderella stories/comedy-dramas which stands the test of time. Much like Friends, the movie is shown on cable TV all the time, so new generations keep rediscovering it and memorizing it. A number of famous celebrity men have cited it as one of their favorite movies too, so it has a broad appeal. Who knew that a fictionalized book about working for Anna Wintour would have such broad appeal, but here we are.

True story: Anne Hathaway wasn’t even the first or second choice for Andrea “Andy” Sachs. She was something like the fifth or sixth choice, but she fought for the part and she delivered. Even now, Anne loves that movie and she loves that people are still into it. So she decided to do a brilliant throwback during New York Fashion Week. Anne was invited to sit front-row at the Michael Kors show yesterday. She was seated next to Anna Wintour. Good thing she recreated a classic Andy Sachs look!! Do you think Anna even realized what was happening? I’m not sure – from the photos, Anna looked more involved with Serena Williams on her other side. But Anne KNEW. She knew exactly what was happening. I love her for that.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

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