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bitchy | ‘The Crown’ asks if the Windsors are ready to admit the ‘errors of their past’


Netflix and Peter Morgan really are going HARD. We love to see it. The first trailer for The Crown’s Season 5 was released two weeks ago and it was amazing. Peter Morgan is leaning into the chaos of the 1990s, and the Windsor Castle fire has such a heavy resonance. This week, Netflix released another preview video, which includes new clips from the season, plus the actors talking to camera about their characters. It’s fantastic!!

Imelda Staunton’s QEII voice continues to blow me away. Elizabeth Debicki did a lot of work to get Diana’s voice right too. You can really tell how those two actresses studied the tapes of the most famous speeches, recordings and interviews. The clip of Debicki doing Diana’s Panorama interview, OMG.

“If we can’t admit the errors of our past, what hope for reconciliation can there be?” The fact that those are Queen Elizabeth II’s actual words, being thrown back to King Charles in 2022, is quite something. This is a commercial streaming company telling the British monarchy: acknowledge your mistakes and move on. And the Windsors refuse.

Photos courtesy of Netflix/The Crown.


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