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bitchy | The Cambridges & Sussexes will be ‘playing royal hide & seek’ in Windsor next week


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be in the UK and Germany next week. First Manchester, then Dusseldorf, then London. When they swing back to England after Germany, they’ll probably be staying at Frogmore Cottage for a night, as Frogmore is still their British “base.” They still have a current lease on Frogmore, which is a short distance away from Windsor Castle and part of the larger Royal Windsor Estate. The Daily Mail has literally posted MAPS to show the distance between Frogmore Cottage and Adelaide Cottage, the Cambridges’ fourth home. From what I gather, it’s a short drive between Adelaide and Frogmore, and maybe a 15-20 minute walk. We also know that Prince William and Kate barely spent a week in Scotland with the Queen, and they’re already back in London/Windsor, and “moving in” to Adelaide. Considering they’re not giving up any of their other properties, I suspect the move-in is less about transferring stuff and more about buying all new stuff. But I digress! The important thing here is that for about 24 hours, the Cambridges and Sussexes will be in the same general vicinity. Please allow “royal expert” Christopher Andersen to make a mountain out of that molehill.

Avoiding confrontation? Royal expert Christopher Andersen believes Prince William and Duchess Kate will avoid Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during their upcoming trip to the U.K. as the royal family prepares for the Duke of Sussex’s memoir to drop.

“It’s going to be interesting in the next few days when Harry and Megan go to Europe, and they’re gonna be playing royal hide and seek,” Andersen exclusively told Us Weekly on Tuesday, August 30.

The author — whose book, The Day Diana Died, is available now — explained that the beginning of the Duke and Duchess of Sussexes trip shouldn’t be too awkward since the Cambridges are with Queen Elizabeth II in Scotland — but they’ll return while Meghan, 41, and Harry, 37, are in town.

“Right now, the Cambridges have gone to Balmoral [Castle] … and [Prince] Charles and [Duchess] Camilla are there. They’re out of the way during the first part of the Sussexes trip to Britain, but on [September 8], the Sussexes return to Britain from Germany,” Andersen explained. “They’re going to be, literally, a brief stroll each other on the grounds of Windsor because the Cambridges have to [return in time to get their] kids in school.”

“It’s gonna have all the markings of a old fashioned farce with these people trying to avoid each other,” the royal expert explained to Us. “They don’t wanna see each other because everybody’s worried about the [Duke of Sussex’s upcoming memoir]. Harry’s book is gonna be loaded with, obviously, bombshells.”

While specific details about the memoir have yet to be revealed, the expert claims that the royal family is anxious to see what Harry may reveal. “I would imagine almost anything is gonna disturb them,” Andersen chuckled. “I don’t think they wanna talk to ’em until they’ve seen it.

[From Us Weekly]

Actually, Harry and Meghan’s first stop is in Manchester, so the couples will easily avoid each other. Coming back from Germany, that’s when both couples will be in Windsor. It occurred to me recently that the Sussexes’ trip will probably coincide with the Cambridge kids’ first day of school at Lambrook. Ten bucks says that Kate and William do a photocall with all three kids for the “first day of school.” I mean, if the Kensington Palace advisors are doing their jobs, that’s what they should recommend. It would be one way for Peggington to try to steal his younger brother’s thunder. The tabloids would love it too, because they haven’t had new photos of the Cambridges since they showed up separately at the Commonwealth Games. *insert side-eye emoji*

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