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bitchy | The Cambridges insist they don’t need to upgrade ‘modest’ Adelaide Cottage

When the Queen “gave” the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge the spacious Apartment 1 in Kensington Palace, she did so with the knowledge that Apt. 1 needed renovations. The apartment was Princess Diana’s last residence, and following Diana’s death, no other royals moved in. Note: I was wrong, Diana lived in Apt. 8 & 9. Apartment 1 was mostly used as office space and storage. A costly and lengthy refurbishment of Apt. 1 took place over 2012-2013. The original idea was that William and Kate would use KP as their home and base once the reno was completed. Then the Queen gifted them Anmer Hall when Kate gave birth to George. Within a year, the keen plan changed completely. Suddenly, Kate and William wanted to base themselves in Norfolk, and William began his part-time “work” as an air ambulance co-pilot. Not to mention, Will and Kate extensively renovated Anmer Hall as well – remember how Kate ripped out a perfectly lovely and recently-renovated kitchen?

Now the Cambridges’ plan has changed yet again. The new plan is that they’ll keep Anmer Hall and Kensington Palace, and they’ll add Adelaide Cottage to their real estate holdings. Adelaide is a four-bedroom mansion on the Windsor Castle estate, and they were only given Adelaide after their public pleas for Royal Lodge, Fort Belvedere and Frogmore House were turned down. Now the Cambridges claim that this “modest” mansion was always their first choice because it’s so humble and because it doesn’t need extensive renovations or security upgrades. They even insist that their staff will have to travel to Windsor to serve them, that’s how humble they are.

Prince William is planning a move to a cottage on the Windsor estate – just as brother Prince Harry did when he married Meghan Markle. But the two big moving days, three years apart, will be very different indeed.

The Cambridges’ new pad Adelaide Cottage needs no extra taxpayer-funded security or costly refurb. It’s understood the family will have no live-in staff, with any aides commuting to Windsor instead. And sources say they dream of a “modest” home with a garden so the children can play outside together.

One insider told The Sun: “They were adamant they didn’t want anything too showy or anything that needed renovating or extra security so as not to be a burden on the taxpayer.”

The property was modernised back in 2015. It’s said to feature golden dolphins and ceiling rope decorations – all recycling from a 19th-century royal yacht – in the master bedroom. The house has been described as “relatively modest and low-key” for a royal residence.

[From The Sun]

It’s really funny to see how carefully worded these stories are. Even if you argue that the KP reno was mostly just stuff which needed to be done (like removing asbestos), the Anmer Hall reno was so excessive and it was entirely paid for by the Queen and Prince Charles. A family was living in Anmer when it was given to the Keens! It had already been renovated recently. My point is that it’s always Opposite Day in KeenWorld and their insistence on “not being a burden the taxpayers” means that A) they actually will spend a fortune on renovations for Adelaide, B) they’re totally going to put in a helipad, C) they will demand extensive security upgrades and D) Kate will mostly be at Middleton Manor in Bucklebury anyway. I truly don’t see how more people aren’t outraged by Will and Kate adding this third permanent home to their collection.

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