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bitchy | The Cambridges are ‘itching’ to go back to Mustique for a ‘change of scenery’


The Cambridge kids are finally out of school, which means that after Wimbledon, we’re probably not going to see much of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for the rest of the summer. The creepy polo kiss and Wimbledon appearances will probably be the last times we see them until September, maybe even October. Last year, Kate was not seen at any public event for over two months. So instead of getting royal commentary about how it’s completely absurd that these lazy, expensive royals are going on a three-month holiday, we’re hearing about what they’ll likely do during their “well earned” summer off. Ingrid Seward suggests that Will and Kate will probably go to Mustique this summer. Hm.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward says William and Kate will have a raft of plans to keep the children busy.

“The three children are incredibly sporty and, of course, their parents are too,” she tells The Sun. “The focus will very much be on outdoor pursuits, with swimming, fishing, walking, riding and sailing.”

While the couple embraced the staycation trend last year, visiting the Scilly Isles, Ingrid believes they’ll be returning to more exotic climes – and calling on Kate’s parents for babysitting duties.

“It’s a long holiday so I suspect that Carole and Michael Middleton, as grandparents, will probably have the kids to themselves for a little bit of the summer,” she says. “They usually go up to Balmoral to spend time with the Queen and the rest of the family for a while and, this year, I think they will also go abroad for a short time, probably to Mustique, because William and Kate will want a change of scenery.”

Due to the pandemic, they haven’t been to the island since 2019, when they rented a private villa for two weeks, and celebrated George’s sixth birthday there, on July 22.

“William and Kate haven’t been abroad much with the kids in recent years, apart from a trip to Jordan in the autumn, so I think they’ll be itching to get back to Mustique this year,” says Ingrid. “They have all the infrastructure they need there, they have a no fly zone and all kinds of things in place so they can actually have some privacy. The Middletons are pretty helpful with all this and Carole organises the Mustique trips.

“The family used to go to Barbados in the summer when Kate was young and Pippa’s husband’s family, the Matthews, also own an exclusive resort in St Barts. Although it is a bit hot and wet in the Caribbean at that time of year, there are lots of places you can go that are relatively private.”

[From The Sun]

Seward also says that the Cambridges will have to make a dutiful trip to Balmoral, as all royals are expected to make the journey for at least a few days, hopefully longer. My guess is that Mustique is first up, then they’ll visit Balmoral for less than a week, then… who even knows. They probably have several more vacations planned for this summer. And no one in the media says anything other than “William and Kate will want a change of scenery” and “they’ll be itching to get back to Mustique this year.” SMH. We don’t even know if they’ve officially moved into Adelaide Cottage in Windsor yet! Four homes and they’re apparently in dire need of lavish, multiple summer vacations just for a change of scenery!

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