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bitchy | Sydney Sweeney blasted for her mom’s b-day party, which featured red hats


I didn’t know much about Sydney Sweeney’s family and her personal life until I covered her Hollywood Reporter cover interview this summer. Sydney’s parents moved to LA when she was just a kid to help her start her acting career. For years, as a child, she was the breadwinner of her family. Even now, I believe she supports her parents financially. Well, Sydney’s mom celebrated her 60th birthday over the weekend and Sydney threw her mom a surprise party. The theme of the party was country/western hoedown. People wore cowboy hats, fringe, cowboy boots, etc. They rode a mechanical bull and danced and had fun.

Nice story, right? Wrong. In addition to free jean jackets, there was another party gear item: red hats which looked suspiciously like MAGA hats. Only the hats read “Make Sixty Great Again.” From a distance, that sh-t looked like a Trump convention. Not only that, one of the party guests wore a stupid “Blue Lives Matter” shirt. Hoedown, indeed. So after Sydney and her brother posted photos from the MAGA hoedown (sorry), people were like “WTF” and “we thought you were an ally, damn, Sydney,” Sydney posted this to Twitter:

So now people are arguing even harder because how dare she copy the imagery of MAGA hats when they weren’t actually MAGA hats or something. Like, I get it. The chances are pretty good that there are a lot of Trump supporters in the Sweeney family. Yes, a lot of people cut off their MAGA family members. A lot of people don’t cut off their MAGA family members. It’s about privilege and whiteness and a lot of different sh-t. I also don’t think it’s some big conspiracy that Sydney carefully avoided posting any photos of people wearing those hats either, it was her brother’s mistake. Sydney knows how it looks and I actually feel a little bit sorry for her.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Sydney Sweeney’s IG and Trent Sweeney’s IG.


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