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bitchy | ‘Spare’: Prince William discouraged Harry from dating & proposing to Meghan


On Thursday afternoon and evening, we started to get a lot of excerpts and highlights from the 2016-18 sections of Prince Harry’s Spare. Harry met Meghan Markle in the summer of 2016. He proposed to her in late 2017, and they married in May 2018. That whole timeline is rife with Prince William and Kate trying to sabotage Harry and Meghan’s relationship and furiously trying to pick fights with Meghan and otherize her. Speaking of, William apparently tried to back out of having dinner with Harry the night before Harry’s wedding. It was something Harry hoped they would do for each other before each of their wedding days. William tried to peg beg off. Harry also pointed out that William had tried to convince Harry not to date or propose to Meghan during their entire courtship.

The beginning of the end? Prince Harry broke down the tension that existed between him and Prince William the night before his wedding to Meghan Markle.

“He’d been scheduled to join us for the evening. But, like Meg’s father [Thomas Markle], he’d canceled last minute,” the Duke of Sussex, 38, wrote in his Spare memoir, which Us Weekly can exclusively reveal. “He told me, just before he attended tea with Granny. ‘Can’t do it, Harold. Kate and the kids.’ I’d reminded him that this was our tradition, that we’d had dinner before his wedding, that’d we’d gone together and visited the crowds. He held fast. ‘Can’t do it.’”

“I’d always believed, despite our problems, that our underlying bond was strong,” he continued, noting that he reminded William about the tradition that started from his wedding to Princess Kate. “As we drove off, I asked him to come have dinner with me. I mentioned maybe staying the night, as I’d done before his wedding. He’d come for dinner, he said, but wouldn’t be able to stay.”

According to Harry, William previously warned him not to propose to Meghan, 41, too quickly into their relationship. “It’s too fast, he’d told me. Too soon,” he claimed. “In fact, he’d actually been pretty discouraging about my even dating Meg. One day, sitting together in his garden, he’d predicted a host of difficulties I could expect if I hooked up with an ‘American actress,’ a phrase he always managed to make sound like a ‘convicted felon.’”

[From Us Weekly]

It will be curious to read Spare and all of this in the context Harry intended, because I wonder if he now realizes how William and Kate were negging Meghan and trying to do everything they could to sabotage the relationship, the engagement and then the marriage. It kind of makes me wonder if trying to destroy Harry and Meghan’s marriage actually brought Will and Kate closer together – they’re two bitter, vile people who probably bonded over their plans to take down Meghan. Anyway, William is a tool.

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