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bitchy | Sienna Miller shows off her cramped, cozy cottage to Architectural Digest

For more than a decade, Sienna Miller has maintained homes in New York and England. She seemingly lives in NYC most of the time, but she maintains a little cottage in the English countryside, in Buckinghamshire. Sienna decided to show off her cottage to Architectural Digest. Which I enjoy – I love it when AD showcases a quirky cottage rather than some all-white modernist space. Sienna’s place looks kitschy, cramped and lived-in. While I dislike the exterior, the interior is cute and feminine.

Sienna told AD that she fell in love with the run-down cottage when she first saw it more than a decade ago: “It was a time when there was a lot of press attention on me, and I wanted somewhere to escape. I bought the house on a whim—it offers a sanctuary. I also wanted somewhere where family and friends could gather. It has a nurturing feeling; it is a home with a heart.” She left it untouched for a long time too, and only undertook a complete renovation during the pandemic. She hired Gaby Dellal to do the top-to-bottom reno – you can read more about the renovation here, and how Dellal sourced tons of vintage stuff for the cottage.

I love her kitchen. Maybe I would change the paint color – it’s pink! – but otherwise, that’s a fantastic kitchen. Overall, I would have done fewer mirrors too – there’s no need for all of those mirrored surfaces in the kitchen, although I get why she put mirrors in some of the other rooms, to make the sometimes cramped spaces feel a bit bigger. Anyway, I do enjoy her aesthetic. I prefer a cramped/cozy space full of wood and color as opposed to the overly-popular empty white spaces.

Cover & IGs courtesy of Architectural Digest.

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