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bitchy | Rege-Jean Page’s biggest wellness tip is ‘a big power nap’ for 10-20 minutes


When all is said and done, Rege-Jean Page might do more press for his new Armani contract rather than The Gray Man (his latest film). Rege-Jean happens to be promoting both at the same time, but mostly Armani. Rege-Jean is the same of Armani Code Parfum, which means that he spends a lot of time talking about his favorite smells in interviews. The last time an actor went this hard to promote a cologne endorsement, Jake Gyllenhaal actually said this sentence out loud: “I do also think that there’s a whole world of not bathing that is also really helpful for skin maintenance, and we naturally clean ourselves.” Thankfully, Rege-Jean bathes and loves water and enjoys catnaps and smelling good. Some highlights from his Byrdie interview:

His strongest scent memory: “That’s probably seasonal. One of my favorite smells is after it rains. The rain smells different depending where you are, right? UK rain smells entirely different to rain in California… which smells different to rain in New York. Rain brings out a bunch of smells in New York. [laughs] But again, that’s it: it’s a thing that releases other smells… like rain on earth evaporating in the sun is a really profound smell. Even the UK is different: rain on people and their clothes on the tube in London, or wherever one’s escaping the rain, and kind of really warming up is a very evocative smell. But I think rain is such a catalyst for different smells of different environments. So, I always find a fond memory of that.”

His skincare: “I’m a minimalist, okay. Like I kind of turn up and figure it out. But I have the basics: It is literally sleep, water, and good vibes. Those three elements will give you a good base to work from in all other ways, and you know, moisturize too. But, if you’re rested, you’ll look better. If you are hydrated, you will look better, and you’ll probably be more rested. And those two things will take care of the good vibes. And when you feel good, you look good.”

His style inspo: “Particularly in London, New York, the street is enough. You know, how do people express themselves? Is it subtly or loudly? But I think most importantly, it’s what people can live in… what enables your lifestyle. Luckily, Armani and I are in a very similar place with this. I always find that helps me be myself. I always look for those two things.”

His big wellness practice: “A big power nap. Which you know, is part meditation—it’s just not calling itself that. It’s taking a break and closing your eyes and breathing. Resetting throughout a day is very valuable. That preserves the good vibes. It can be a tad anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes. I can grab that [amount of time] pretty much anywhere—any shorter than that and I struggle.”

[From Byrdie]

The twenty-minute nap, aka the catnap aka the disco nap, is not something which I’ve ever perfected. Even if I’m exhausted and really want to just have a quick nap, I end up sleeping for hours. Which is why I rarely nap, because napping blows apart my day and my schedule. Now, I can be meditative and “restful” and calm and do breathing exercises. That’s fine. But I’m just not one of those people who can sleep anywhere and at any time for short periods of time. People who can do that have some kind of special napping gene, I’m convinced. CB can do it – she loves a disco nap and I’m jealous.

As for his love of the rain and rain smells… it is an evocative smell and a pleasant smell, but I wouldn’t put that in my top-five scent memories.

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