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bitchy | Queen Margrethe: Removing my grandkids’ royal titles ‘will be good for them’


All is not well in Denmark. Specifically, there are shenanigans afoot in the Royal House of Glücksburg. This week, Queen Margrethe of Denmark made the bold decision to remove the prince/princess titles and the royal stylings from four of her grandchildren, all of the children of Prince Joachim. Prince Joachim is the younger brother – the “spare” – to Prince Frederick. Frederick and Crown Princess Mary’s children will all still be princes and princesses with royal stylings, because they are the children of the direct heir. But Joachim’s kids? They’ll now go by counts and countess of Monpezat and will be styled as his/her excellency, rather than HRH. Queen Margrethe had more to say about it yesterday:

Queen Margrethe of Denmark has insisted stripping four of her grandchildren of their royal titles will be ‘good for them in the future’, in her first appearance since the dramatic decision. The monarch, 82, has removed prince and princess as well as ‘His/Her Highness’ titles from Nikolai, 23, Felix, 20, Henrik, 13, and Athena, 10, the children of her youngest son Prince Joachim.

Margrethe, who recently attended the Queen’s funeral, hopes the move will allow the siblings to ‘shape their own lives without being limited by the special considerations and duties’ that a formal affiliation with the Danish Royal Family involves, according to a statement released yesterday by the royal household.

Speaking at a function at the National Museum in Copenhagen last night, Margrethe said: ‘It is a consideration I have had for quite a long time and I think it will be good for them in their future. That is the reason.’

[From The Daily Mail]

QM made it sound, in her announcement, like this had been discussed within the family for some time and that Prince Joachim and his children knew it was coming. But… it now sounds like it came as a surprise to Joachim and his kids. And his ex-wife, mother to his two older kids:

Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg is said to be “saddened” by her former mother-in-law Queen Margrethe II of Denmark’s decision to change Prince Joachim’s children’s titles. Alexandra, who shares Prince Nikolai, 23, and Prince Felix, 20, with Joachim, reacted to her sons losing their Prince titles, reportedly telling B.T. (translated to English), “We are all confused by the decision. We are saddened and in shock.”

She added, “This comes like a bolt from the blue. The children feel ostracized. They cannot understand why their identity is being taken away from them.”

The Royal House announced on Sept. 28 the Queen’s decision to remove Prince Joachim’s children’s titles of Prince and Princess. In addition to Nikolai and Felix, the Danish monarch’s youngest son is also a father to Prince Henrik, 13, and ten-year-old Princess Athena, whom he shares with his second wife Princess Marie.

[From Hola]

Yeah… I don’t know. The more I think about it, the more pointed it feels, that Joachim’s children are being snubbed rather suddenly. It’s interesting that Joachim’s ex-wife seems to have had no idea that this was happening too. Is Denmark providing royal cover for King Charles with the Sussexes? Perhaps. The sh-t will still hit the fan if Charles decides to suddenly remove Archie and Lilibet’s titles though, because the title issue in the Windsor clan has been mishandled for years. Margrethe looks like a callous grandmother, whereas King Charles will look like a petty, punitive racist.

Oh wait, Prince Joachim has spoken (in Danish) and it’s BAD BAD BAD. What the hell was QM thinking?

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