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bitchy | Queen Elizabeth II got a shorter haircut for Hot Girl Summer: love it or hate it?


I got a haircut yesterday. I am bad at remembering to get haircuts every other month. It’s usually once every three or four months for me, and my split ends make my hair puffy and gross. So, I was in need of a good cut and the lady took way too much off. I now have sort of a blunt bob sitting at my shoulders. Ah, well, it will grow out.

Queen Elizabeth also got a haircut this week. QEII has been seen a few times in carefully managed photo-ops at Windsor Castle since the Jubbly, but you can tell that her handful of public appearances took a toll on her. Maybe it’s a relief – she got through it, this thing that her advisors forced her to do. Now she can relax and put her feet up and get a summer pixie cut. Or whatever this is!

I remember years ago, people talking about how the Queen doesn’t actually wear wigs or hairpieces. Her white hair is her own and it’s meticulously set and styled by her hairdresser. I imagine that’s a pain in the ass, especially for a woman who seems to be in a great deal of discomfort while standing or sitting for any length of time. Maybe this is a genuine haircut and she really wanted it shorter and easier to style. I would also imagine that she has lost some hair in recent years? Especially given her noticeable weight loss too.

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