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bitchy | Queen Camilla’s Indian wellness center costs £735 a night, where’s the outrage?


Queen Camilla slipped away last week, flying to India undercover. She’s still in India, staying at a pricey resort called Soukya, which is operated by Dr. Matai. The resort/wellness center is focused on holistic medicine. Both King Charles and Camilla have stayed at the resort before, and this is apparently Camilla’s seventh stay at the center. She checked in with “some friends” and her security. We learned some or all of this earlier this week, after some reports from India were seemingly confirmed. It’s driving me crazy that not only do we not know why Camilla slipped off to India last week, but the British media is making the whole thing sound like an inspo wellness retreat with zero drama. Where’s the outrage about the cost? Where’s the outrage about the lack of briefing from the Palace? Where’s the outrage about the lack of information about what Camilla is actually doing there? I thought of all of that as I read through the Mail’s curiously soft-focus coverage.

After an intense two months following King Charles’s accession to the throne, the Queen Consort has reportedly travelled to India to visit one of her favourite holistic health retreats. Camilla, 75, arrived at SOUKYA, an international holistic health centre in Bangalore last Thursday and it is thought she will stay there until later this week, the Times of India reported.

This will be Camilla’s seventh visit to the health retreat on a 30-acre organic farm, which offers yoga and Ayuverdic, homeopathic and naturopathic treatments. The late Archbishop Demond Tutu is also believed to have visited three times and actress Emma Thompson is a fan.

The visit, which is happening in a private capacity, will see the Queen enjoy some special treatments with friends at the £735-a-night retreat.

FEMAIL reached to Buckingham Palace for comment, who declined to comment on a ‘private matter’.

The newspaper reported that 75-year-old Camilla was accompanied by a few friends and her security detail from Scotland Yard’s Royalty and Specialist Protection squad.

‘There were strict instructions not to publicise her trip as it’s a private visit. No public engagement programmes or interactions have been scheduled during her stay,’ a source said.

Wellness expert Dr Matai, who founded the retreat, has been the personal physician for the Queen Consort and the King for years.

There is a variety of suites and rooms for guests to stay, ranging from deluxe to super deluxe special, which boast a spacious private garden with veranda, a pantry, king-size beds, an en-suite bathroom with a shower and bath tub and your own private outdoor shower. Prices start from £735/INR 42,900.

[From The Daily Mail]

£735 a night. For Camilla, her friends and her security. Plus the cost of the flight to India, plus the security costs, plus the cost of whatever “treatments” Camilla is getting. It’s not that I’m saying that everyone has the right to medical privacy and the right to have a little private vacation, but I’m shocked at the double-standards in covering Camilla’s “private” vacation versus the Mail’s coverage of literally anything to do with the Sussexes. God help us all if Meghan went to a spa for a weekend, the Mail would have all-caps banner headlines about the cost of the spa, her security at the spa, “insiders” telling the world that Meghan doesn’t deserve spa treatments and questions about whether Meghan “brought Netflix cameras” to the spa.

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