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bitchy | Queen Camilla slipped away to India solo for a 10-day holistic rejuvenation

Ever since Queen Elizabeth II passed away, the vibe has been off/different with the new queen consort, Camilla. The first weeks were obviously all about King Charles – and bizarrely also about Prince Harry – and I thought Camilla was making an effort to tread lightly on purpose, to slink into the background, to not draw attention to herself. After all, she “won,” but at what cost? She’s still very unpopular and people are not jazzed about calling her “Queen Camilla.” But as the weeks went on, it does feel notable that Camilla isn’t doing much of anything. She’s not part of the coronation committee, she’s not taking on any of QEII’s old patronages (yet, I suppose), she’s not pushing some big “love me, I’m your queen” agenda. And then this: as it turns out, Camilla traveled to India by herself to go to a wellness center for what I can only assume is some holistic cosmetic work.

Queen Camilla has traveled across the world for some rejuvenation. The wife of King Charles is staying at a holistic health center near Bangalore, India, where she and some friends are reportedly taking in a bit of wellness therapy.

The Queen Consort, 75, headed to the Soukya center after landing in Bangalore on Friday with some friends and protection officers, the Times of India reported.

Meditation, homeopathy, yoga, therapy and an ancient traditional system of medicine known as Ayurveda are available at Soukya, headed by Dr. Isaac Mathai. The residential medical institute bills itself as the world’s first integrative health destination and focuses on “healing, prevention or rejuvenation,” according to its website.

Camilla has been a regular attendee over the years, sometimes heading there en route to an overseas tour with King Charles. That is not the case this time, but she likely factored in the vacation a long time ago. Buckingham Palace had no comment when contacted about the break.

Camilla is staying at the retreat for ten days, according to the Times of India. Meanwhile, Charles was staying at the royal family’s Sandringham estate over the weekend. He will likely head back to London early this week to appoint the new prime minister after Liz Truss announced her resignation after being appointed on Sept. 6 by the late Queen Elizabeth.

[From People]

It’s more than possible that Camilla genuinely felt like a two-week rejuvenation holiday and nothing shady is going on. She did have a broken toe in September, and she has a family history of osteoporosis (and osteoarthritis, I would imagine). Maybe she truly needed some rest and relaxation. But it definitely feels weird that she just disappeared from England, flew all the way to India and checked into a wellness center just to…get some holistic treatment?

The idea that Camilla would get some pre-Christmas cosmetic surgery is kind of weird too – clearly, she’s fine with her age and she’s fine with looking her age. I guess we’ll know in a few weeks if and when Camilla returns and she suddenly looks as tucked and sucked as Brad Pitt. Another possibility is that the old winebag needed to be dried out??

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