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bitchy | QEII signed off on ‘Queen Consort Camilla’ as part of a blatant quid pro quo

Back in February of this year, two pieces of big royal news came out within nine days. First, Queen Elizabeth released a statement on Accession Day that it was her “sincere wish” that Camilla become “queen consort” when the time comes. Then, nine days later, Prince Andrew reached a private settlement with Virginia Giuffre soon after the American judge said that Giuffre’s lawsuit could proceed to trial, and that Andrew had no argument to throw out the lawsuit. We knew, at the time, that the two things were connected, that there was a blatant quid quo – QEII making the queen consort statement in exchange for Charles signing off on QEII giving Andrew the money for the Giuffre settlement. Well, months later, Christopher Andersen is once again stating it plainly: it was quid pro quo, Charles used his brother’s degeneracy to get a prize for Camilla.

The New York Times bestselling royal journalist and author Christopher Andersen has suggested in a new book that the then-Prince Charles agreed not to object to his mother funding his disgraced brother Prince Andrew’s legal settlement with Jeffrey Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre in return for the monarch’s public endorsement of his wife Camilla as the future queen.

A source familiar with Charles’ thinking immediately hit back at Andersen’s claims, telling The Daily Beast they were “unsourced” and “untrue.”

In his new biography of Charles, entitled simply The King, Andersen reports that after Andrew’s lawyers had, “negotiated a reported settlement of $14 million,“ the question remained of “who was going to pay for it.”

Andrew, whose sources of funding have always been opaque, was clearly not able to and it was obviously not remotely reasonable for such a sum to be funded by the taxpayer. Andersen writes that it became obvious that the queen was going to have to use “some of the half billion dollars in private savings and investments,“ that she had amassed over the years to get her son out of his fix.

As Andersen points out, however, “to all intents and purposes such funds would ultimately be coming out of Charles’ inheritance,” so “Charles would have to, if not actually sign off on the deal, then at least not offer a public objection to it. As distasteful as it was to have a slice of his inheritance go for this purpose, Charles recognized a rare opportunity for some sort of informal quid pro quo. While the question of where the money would come from was still very much on the table, the Prince of Wales suggested privately that February 6, 2020, the 70th anniversary of her father George VI’s death, might be the ideal time to make some sort of statement in support of Camilla becoming queen.”

It had long been claimed by the Palace that when the time came Camilla would be known as “Princess consort” not “Queen consort” (usually now abbreviated to the more catchy “Queen Camilla.”

These were, Andersen writes, the behind-the-scenes maneuverings that led the queen to issue a statement in support of Camilla, saying that it was her “sincere wish that when the time comes, Camilla will be known as Queen consort as she continues her own loyal service.” The queen’s endorsement is believed to have been absolutely pivotal in securing Camilla’s place by Charles’ side as his official consort; overnight polls published the next day showed that half of the British population had become willing to accept Camilla as queen consort.

[From The Daily Beast]

As I said, it was completely obvious back in February. Even before we learned of Andrew’s settlement, I suggested that QEII’s statement was a quid pro quo for something to do with Andrew. I’ve always suspected that QEII’s statement was simply written by Charles or his office and given to QEII to sign. You also have to remember that back in February of this year, Charles and Camilla both got Covid and then they gave it to QEII too. A lot was happening in February, one might even call it the beginning of the end. Looking back on it, I actually find it even more suspicious that QEII caught Covid two weeks after the queen-consort statement. It’s almost like Charles was trying to kill off his mother immediately after securing her blessing for Queen Camilla. Anyway, yeah – of course, QEII only cared about Andrew and Charles only cared about Camilla. They used each other.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Chris Jackson/Buckingham Palace.

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