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bitchy | Princess Kate wore a red Jenny Packham & a Bump-it to a palace reception

As always, the Daily Mail’s headlines are doing way too much: “The show must go on! Senior royals ‘out-glitz’ Harry and Meghan at dazzling Buckingham Palace reception after difficult 36 hours which saw Sussexes release Netflix trailer and King Charles targeted with an egg for the second time in a month.” Seriously, that’s the actual headline. I’m covering the egg situation separately (because hahahaha) but if the whole point is “out-glitzing” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, surely you shouldn’t telegraph how the Sussexes live rent-free in the minds of the Windsors and the British media? Besides that, chronologically speaking, the Buckingham Palace diplomatic reception happened hours before the Sussexes’ appearance at the Ripple of Hope Award ceremony. This was an effort to PRE-glitz the Sussexes because all of these people have zero chill.

So, I believe it went down this way: King Charles ordered William and Kate to attend the diplomatic reception as a way to distract from the Sussexes. Kate was happy to oblige and she dutifully dusted off her Emergency Loretta Lynn Wiglet™ and Valley of the Dolls Bump-It, slapped those onto her empty head and secured the mess in place with the Lotus Flower Tiara. She also wore a new-to-us Jenny Packham gown which is fine. Sartorially, it looks like something Laura Bush would have worn to a state dinner (and I’m quite positive she did). She also wore a pair of QEII’s earrings, plus her medals and honors, which she got for staying with Peg.

Queen Camilla wore the Belgian Sapphire Tiara and a sapphire-and-diamond suite. At some point, doesn’t it look tacky that Camilla and Kate are so gleefully looting the Royal Collection jewels?

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