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bitchy | Princess Kate was ‘heckled’ by a Belfast woman: ‘Ireland belongs to the Irish’


Here are more photos of the Prince and Princess of Wales in Belfast on Thursday, October 6th. The visit was a “surprise,” because the Windsors generally have to move quickly and silently when they’re doing anything in Northern Ireland. Interestingly enough, that’s become more of a regular thing for William and Kate, even though we’re being told endlessly by their communications staff that Will & Kate are the “most popular royals.” If they’re so popular, why can’t they announce their trips, their arrival times and their itineraries? Scared that too many supporters will show up? LOL, of course not. They’re scared that if they interact with too many peasants, something like this will happen:

As you can see, Kate moved over to greet some Belfast residents and after she gawped at a baby, she shook hands with a woman who told her “Nice to meet you but it would be better if it was when you were in your own country.” Kate laughed and began to move on to shake hands with another person, and the same woman said “Ireland belongs to the Irish.” As you can imagine, the royalists are in full meltdown and I’d say we’re mere hours away from Dan Wootton calling this woman a “Sussex supporter” and a “Sunshine Sachs plant.” The Keen defenders are also praising Kate for her reaction, which…? I mean, I’m glad Kate didn’t scream or yell “seize her!” Kate just laughed, like the woman was making a joke. Like Kate thinks a free and united Ireland is a joke? Isn’t that the bigger story? That the Windsors think the idea of a free and independent Ireland is hilarious?

Incidentally, I mentioned the other day that Kate’s hair/mourning wiglet has looked terrible since she became Princess of Wales. Her hair situation was also a major struggle in Belfast. Once you see the line of her hairpiece, you can’t unsee it. Once you see where she’s plopped her hairpiece on the back of her head and refused to blend it, you can’t look away. Enjoy.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.


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