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bitchy | Princess Kate truly copied Duchess Meghan’s 2018 Coach Core event look

In September 2018, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did an appearance to highlight the work of Coach Core. Meghan wore a navy blue Oscar de la Renta jacket and black Altuzarra trousers. It didn’t even occur to me to double-check the event, the date and the outfit, I just knew that the new Princess of Wales was copying Meghan yesterday. As it turns out, Kate decided to “copykeen” Meghan’s look down to the NECKLACE. I can’t even say “this is getting creepy.” It’s been creepy for a long time and it’s gotten much, much worse this year – remember all of this earlier in the year?

So, again, in 2018, Meghan paired an interesting navy blazer/top with black trousers and a very simple, small sapphire pendant. Kate went out of her way to wear a new-to-us vintage Chanel blazer in navy, black trousers with the exact same cut as Meghan’s, and paired the look with a small sapphire pendant necklace. Kate wore her hair down like Meghan too. I’ve said for years now that Kate truly has a Meghan Look Book. But to style-stalk Meghan so blatantly at an event for the same charity FOUR YEARS LATER? An unreal level of creepy style-stalking.

Hilariously, Kate and William were trying to vibe-stalk Harry and Meghan too. Y’all know that Harry and Meghan always like to be physically connected, holding hands or putting a supportive hand on each other’s backs? Yeah, Kate tried to put her hand on William and he looked shocked and appalled.

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