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bitchy | Princess Kate spent £176,664 on new clothes in 2022 despite barely working


By most official tallies, the Princess of Wales didn’t even break the 100-event threshold this year, even with the artificially padded Court Circular numbers. Kate gets to count “phone calls” and “private meetings” as events on the Court Circular, so those are added to her end-of-year tally. She only did 90-something events in 2022, the poor overworked sausage. What makes Kate’s laziness even more noteworthy is how much it costs to get her to do anything at all. She literally has to be bribed with thousands of dollars worth of clothes, shoes, jewelry & handbags just to leave the castle for an hour. Speaking of, the Daily Mail calculated how much money Kate spent on new clothes & accessories this year and the number is pretty staggering considering how little she actually did.

The Princess of Wales saw the value of her wardrobe soar during 2022 as she returned to regular royal engagements and foreign tours following the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. Kate Middleton wore £176,664 worth of new clothing over the last 12 months, including a host of ball gowns and glittering jewels for royal engagements.

It marks the royal’s most expensive year to date, with a host of new outfits on show – beating 2017 when she wore £119,000 of new outfits.

The future Queen has also continued to rewear and recycle some of her older favourite pieces, as well as donning pieces from high street stores like Zara, Hobbs and Mango. Meanwhile she also dipped into the rental market for the first time, opting to wear a piece from service Hurr to the Earthshot Prize in December.

Her most expensive outfit came when she attended the premiere for Top Gun, where she was dressed in a £2,000 elegant black dress with jewels worth over £10,000.

The King is understood to cover the costs of Kate’s wardrobes for ‘work-related’ engagements through his official household budget, but it is not clear whether the Princess always pays full price for outfits or receives discounts.

In 2021, the royal had slashed her new wardrobe total, wearing £48,845 worth of new clothing.

[From The Daily Mail]

2020-21 were the years where Kate did a lot of Zoom events and she was shopping online a lot, thus we were constantly seeing her in overpriced sister-wife prairie dresses for some reason. 2022 marked the return of Kate’s love of overpriced bespoke sh-t from Alessandra Rich, McQueen and Roland Mouret. Plus, she keeps buying new sh-t so she can copykeen Meghan. I wonder how much it costs to keep Kate’s Meghan-lookbook up-to-date? Anyway, all of that money and absolutely zero taste or personal style.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar, Cover Images and Backgrid.


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