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bitchy | Princess Anne, 71, isn’t on Twitter… but she also doesn’t have an email account?!


The Daily Mail gossip columnist Richard Eden seems especially invested in mentioning the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as often as possible these days, right? It’s almost as if… simply mentioning “Harry” or “Meghan” gets his stories and tweets more coverage and attention. He even puts their names into stories that have nothing to do with them, like this one. Apparently, Princess Anne doesn’t even have an email account.

Meghan Markle was said to be upset when told she had to give up social media on marrying into the Royal Family, but Princess Anne is delighted to avoid digital technology. Meaghan Kall, of the UK Health Security Agency, has revealed that, while she was being honoured as a ‘Covid unsung hero’ at Windsor Castle last month, she asked the Princess Royal if they could connect on Twitter. Anne replied: ‘Goodness me, no! I don’t even have an email account.’

[From The Mail+]

Princess Anne is 71 years old. You could argue that it’s a generational thing, but… email has been around for thirty-plus years. Plenty of 70-somethings have email. Plenty of 80-somethings have email! I would understand it if she had no idea about Twitter, Instagram or TikTok. I would expect her to know nothing about social media platforms and what happens there. But this is EMAIL. Do people just send her snail-mail all the time? Surely she has a secretary or assistant, someone around her must have email?

As for Meghan and social media – Meghan paused her Instagram and ended The Tig months before her engagement. She did it on her own, because she was anticipating it. She wasn’t ordered to shut it down.

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