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bitchy | Prince William will ‘very much take an active role’ in the Duchy of Cornwall


It’s been more than one month since Queen Elizabeth II passed away, and more than a month since Prince William became Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales. Are you surprised that a massive embiggening campaign hasn’t commenced already? I was expecting wall-to-wall fluff pieces about how brilliant and keen Will and Kate already are with their Cornwall and Wales titles. The absence of embiggening is curious, and I suspect it’s because William and Kate were truly unprepared. It’s no secret that they’re both total lightweights – William couldn’t even be bothered to learn a few phrases in Welsh. Kate’s first act as Princess of Wales was to announce that she still wasn’t doing sh-t. Well, in any case, the media is dutifully trying to polish this turd. From People Magazine: “Prince William Is ‘Fully Immersing’ Himself in New Role That Comes with Prince of Wales Title.” It’s all about William pegging away at the Duchy of Cornwall.

Prince William is getting to know the nuts and bolts of his new role. William spent part of Monday in discussions with a senior figure in the Duchy of Cornwall, the vast and valuable estate that the new Prince of Wales inherited from his father, King Charles III. Prince William, 40, met Alastair Martin, the secretary of the estate at Kensington Palace, the court circular, a record of royal duties, says.

From Sept. 8, the day his grandmother Queen Elizabeth died, William has been titled the Duke of Cornwall and with that comes the Duchy — an estate of farmland, property and commercial businesses worth around $1.3 billion. Last year, it provided Charles with an income of around $25 million.

In recent years, Prince William has made quiet visits to the Duchy, and he’s also been speaking to his father about the more than 130,000 acres of land — with 160 miles of British coastline — in 23 counties of England and Wales.

“He is going to very much take an active role in it. He is fully immersing himself in it,” a royal source tells PEOPLE.

[From People]

Narrator’s voice: He will not, in fact, very much take an active role in it.

Charles left the Duchy in good stead for the most part – over the years, Charles hired competent professionals to run the Duchy like a for-profit real estate portfolio, which is what it is. William is now the landlord of the most extensive real estate portfolio in the UK. He’s not going to be involved in the daily operations though – please, he’s not smart enough. When palace sources say he’ll “very much take an active role in it,” they mean he’ll spend the money and set up some of his mistresses in Duchy properties (ALLEGEDLY!)

Speaking of William’s toolbox, there’s video of Peg & Buttons’ talk on Newsbeat. Kate really looks bored when he talks about his toolbox, wow.

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