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bitchy | Prince William will never ‘be able to repair his relationship’ with Prince Harry


A week ago, royal sources were swearing up and down that royal sources had never, ever briefed against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Royal sources flat-out insisted that nefarious courtiers had NEVER briefed against Harry and Meghan under the guise of royal sources, and never, ever at the behest of their primaries, the royals themselves. We’re about 48 hours away from royal reporters insisting that they have never received palace briefings in their entire lives. I bring this up because Becky English at the Daily Mail continues to have the inside track on Prince William’s incandescent rage. While Buckingham Palace is clearly briefing everyone that there will be no formal “response” (as of yet) to the Sussexes’ docuseries, Kensington Palace can’t shut up about it. KP can’t shut up about how much Pegasus loathes his brother and “f–king hates” Meghan. KP can’t shut up about how William will “never trust” Harry again and they’ll never be close again. To which I say, don’t threaten Harry with a good time.

The Prince of Wales is unlikely ever to make up with his estranged brother following his Netflix betrayal, friends fear. William, 40, is said to be angry about the disrespect he feels Harry showed to their grandmother when she was alive during the Megxit saga. And sources believe the bombshell documentary – which it is understood the heir to the throne has not watched, but is likely to do so at some point – will do little to change his mind. He is also said to be distrustful of Harry’s motives given that he has a book coming out early next year.

‘All relationships are built on trust but for members of the Royal Family, who live their life in the spotlight, doubly so,’ a friend said. ‘The prince is a very private man and what Harry is doing is the anathema of everything he believes. On that alone, many believe it is unlikely he will ever be able to repair his relationship with them. Too much water has gone under the bridge.’

The Mail revealed yesterday how royal insiders have been left particularly upset by the Netflix programme’s criticism of Queen Elizabeth and her Commonwealth legacy, which was dismissed as ‘Empire 2.0’. One source pointed out that Harry and Meghan previously served as president and vice president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, which supports youth empowerment in Commonwealth countries, and had been happy to be associated with it ‘until they quit their jobs to make money’. They also feel the Sussexes’ decision to secretly record 15 hours of video diaries, which they handed over to the documentary-makers, was an ‘appalling’ betrayal of trust. They started filming in March 2020 – almost 12 months before they officially stepped down as senior working royals.

‘Harry has made a virtue of protecting his grandmother through the whole of this saga –repeatedly making the point about how much respect he had for her and ruling her out of his claims about racism. And yet this is what they were planning the whole time? It’s appalling,’ another source said.

The duke and duchess signed lucrative deals, thought to be worth more than £100 million, with Netflix and Spotify after quitting as working royals.

[From The Daily Mail]

As I watched Harry & Meghan, I idly wondered if the Windsors were going to throw a tantrum about the fact that the Sussexes handed over their 2020 video diaries to Netflix, not to mention personal photos from when they were “working royals.” Guess this is my answer – I think it was smart for the Sussexes to document everything from their exit and hand off that footage to a filmmaker. It was an important moment in their lives and it’s part of a historical record of the monarchy. How important? Well, we’ll have a better idea ten years from now, but at this rate, it looks like the Sussexes understood full well the significance of what they were doing.

William’s ass hurts for an entirely different reason than “video diaries are a betrayal” or “Harry is disrespecting the QUEEN!” William doesn’t care about any of that, and if you took away those complaints, he could come up with a dozen other dumb “reasons” why he hates Harry so much. The real reason William has so much hate is because he’s stupid and lazy and he thought Harry would be around forever to hide behind. I’m sure William does distrust Harry. What’s left unspoken is how Harry has been completely done with William for years. Harry stopped trusting William long ago too, probably around the time when William was briefing against Meghan while she was pregnant and suicidal.

Becky English also includes the royal sources “pointing out inconsistencies” in the docuseries, like the fact that QEII sent Susan Hussey to talk to Meghan in the beginning. Susan Hussey, the deaf racist who talked sh-t about Meghan to other people. “Insiders” also claim that it was Meghan’s “idea” to not invite her niece to the wedding and that Kensington Palace was “aggressively” trying to stop the negative stories about the Sussexes. Yeah, those insiders are saying that… in a story about how William is incandescent with betrayal at Harry. Sure.

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