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bitchy | Prince William thinks Princess Diana’s Panorama interview was a ‘false narrative’


The Dyson investigation was completed last year. That investigation looked into everything that went into Princess Diana’s 1995 Panorama interview on the BBC. Martin Bashir falsified documents to “convince” Diana to speak to him, all part of a convoluted scheme which also involved Diana’s brother, the Earl Spencer. There’s no question that Bashir deceived Diana. There’s also no question that Bashir told Diana some things which she already believed, like she was being spied on (she was), that Charles and Tiggy Legge-Bourke were having an affair (many people, including Camilla, believed that) and that she couldn’t trust her royal protection officers. When the Dyson report came out, Prince William made a statement on camera where he called his late mother paranoid, and not just that, he also claimed the Panorama interview made Diana and Charles’s relationship “worse.” Like Charles wasn’t a whole tampon for Camilla for years, like Charles hadn’t given his own tell-all interview to Jonathan Dimbleby where he admitted the affair and dithered about being king. Well, as always, William and Charles are united in trying to erase and invalidate Diana’s interview.

Prince William ‘believes Diana would never have agreed to a Panorama interview without manipulation by Martin Bashir’ and is ‘frustrated’ by the BBC’s failure to address the ‘false narrative’ it established.

The Duke of Cambridge is said to be ‘frustrated’ and still feels ‘a lot of hurt and pain’ over the 1995 Panorama interview. The interview, watched by 23 million people, saw Diana declare ‘there were three of us in this marriage’, causing a worldwide sensation. It is widely thought to have contributed to her divorce from Prince Charles in 1996 – a year prior to her fatal car crash in the Tunnel de l’Alma in Paris.

William believes the BBC has failed to address the ‘false narrative’ that was established by Bashir’s interview, The Sunday Times reports.

Bashir showed Earl Spencer, Diana’s brother, forged bank statements to gain access to the Princess. Those statements suggested Earl Spencer’s former head of security was receiving money from a tabloid newspaper and the security services to spy on Earl Spencer and Diana. Bashir then tricked her by peddling a string of lies, including the slur that Prince Charles was having an affair with then royal nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke – now Alexandra Pettifer – and that she became pregnant and had an abortion as a result.

[From The Daily Mail]

I wonder why William is doing his father’s bidding so hard on this issue? There’s some kind of quid pro quo going on between them. Charles has been hellbent on erasing Diana’s interview from the historical record for decades, and William has only come to this side in recent years. Granted, William always hated the interview too, and he and Diana fought about it at the time. But William is rewriting Diana’s experiences and convince everyone that Diana didn’t know what she was saying? Yes, she was paranoid – for good reason. She was being attacked on all sides, and she wanted to get her own narrative out. She was merely trying to SURVIVE. Did Bashir do some sh-tty stuff? Yes. But what William wants everyone to forget is that Diana was always going to speak to someone. She was always going to do an interview. Even the Dyson Report noted that Diana was being pursued by a few different journalists to tell her side and she chose Bashir. My point is that what Diana said in that interview was not a “false narrative.” It was HER narrative.

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