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bitchy | Prince William spent £12.1 million on Earthshot, only £5 million was prize money


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have operated The Royal Foundation without the Sussexes since 2019. That’s the year that Meghan and Harry left the foundation to start their own. I’ve always believed that Meghan took one look at the Royal Foundation’s operations and she was severely unimpressed. She reportedly only agreed to do her cookbook through the Royal Foundation if the money could be walled off from other foundation money and given directly to the Hubb Community Kitchen. Well, even though the Sussexes quit the foundation in 2019, the British papers still think they deserve a mention when discussing the foundation’s finances. From the Sun’s new article, “William and Kate’s charity thrives since split from Harry and Meghan.”

Royal couple William and Kate’s charity has gone from strength to strength since they split with Harry and Meghan, new figures show. Income for The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of ­Cambridge leapt from £6.7million in 2019 to £20.4million in 2021.

It comes after Meghan and Harry left the ­charity in September 2019 and set up their own Archewell foundation. The Sussexes’ charity received less than $50,000 in “gross receipts” in 2020, according to the US Internal Revenue Service. Yesterday their UK charity, Sussex Royal, was finally dissolved. It changed its name to MWX Foundation when they lost their royal titles.

The financial boost for the Cambridge’s charity allowed it to almost double its charitable expenditure to £16.4m. Three-quarters of the total, £12.1m, was spent on their environmental awards The Earthshot Prize, which handed out five £1m grants to the winners.

[From The Sun]

I’m sorry, the Royal Foundation spent £12.1 million on Earthshot… and yet only £5 million of that was the actual “prize money” to the Earthshot Prize winners? Which means the Royal Foundation spent £7.1 million on… vague Earthshot keenery? On making a big, fancy, boring Earthshot Prize ceremony in London last year? And people think this makes William and Kate sound good? What it says to me is that William was given millions from corporate sponsors/partners specifically for Earthshot and he misused the funds.

Additionally, William and Kate were able to “raise” so much money for The Royal Foundation because they were hijacking charitable donations and filtering them through the foundation. When they got access to the National Emergencies Trust donor list, they used the list to raise money and direct donations to the Royal Foundation. They set up the foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund, which acted as a middleman to “give money” to other charities.

PS… the reason the Sun is using numbers for the “Sussex Royal” foundation and MWX is because Meghan and Harry were forced to abandon them when they left the UK in 2020. They don’t have to release their Archewell numbers publicly, but I would imagine that the Sussexes have raised a good deal of money from corporate sponsors as well.

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