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bitchy | Prince William & Kate made a ‘surprise trip’ to Belfast to visit a charity


The Prince and Princess of Wales made a “surprise trip” to Belfast today. It’s worth noting that most of the Windsors’ visits to Northern Ireland are “surprise trips.” That’s done on purpose, with the information about their travels and arrival times being kept close-hold. Even in the year of our lord Beyonce 2022, the Windsors still worry about IRA terrorism. They don’t want to announce their visits to Northern Ireland in advance and give anyone a chance to prepare any kind of demonstration against them too.

Their trip was mostly about visiting one charity, PIPS Suicide Prevention Ireland. PIPS provides crisis support for suicidal people, offering more support than the Windsors ever gave Princess Diana when she was self-harming and more support than the Windsors gave Meghan when she was heavily pregnant and suicidal. Part of PIPS’s work is art therapy, which just reminds me of the fact that Kate used to be patron of The Art Room until it closed several years ago over lack of funding. Weird!

As for fashion, Kate’s ensemble… I’ve been surprised by how many times she’s worn slim-cut trousers already as Princess of Wales. I would have thought that she would do a blitz of retro fashion and Diana cosplay. But no, she’s been doing trousers and mid-length coats for a few events. The pants here are pretty good (for Kate). The pussybow blouse is probably from Winser London and it’s pretty dated. The coat is fine. She also carried her DeMellier London £295 purse and she wore £85 Missoma hoop earrings.

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