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bitchy | Prince William & Kate have permission to throw themselves a big b-day party

What’s more offensive? The fact that Prince William gets “credit” for being an environmentalist for Keenshot, all while he flies around in his private helicopter and various private planes? Or the fact that William and Kate just grabbed their fourth home all while William is trying to make “homelessness” his next big keen issue? There’s a new compare-and-contrast though. Do you find it offensive that the Queen is likely going to throw a huge birthday bash for William and Kate while the global economy is tanking and British peasants are worried about paying for electricity and food?

Prince William will hold a joint 40th birthday bash with wife Kate after her own party plans were cancelled due to surging covid rates. The Duke of Cambridge has been given the go ahead to throw the party at the Queen’s Windsor Castle home or Sandringham Estate later this summer after agreeing the couple should “celebrate their landmark birthdays in style”, royal sources have revealed.

As well as senior royals including the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, The Queen may attend William and Kate’s bash, in line with the royal tradition of celebrating decade milestones for senior members of the family. However, the 96-year-old monarch, who has suffered from increasing mobility issues in recent months, will not confirm until the day of the party, one palace source confirmed.

Historically, the lavish bashes have been thrown together to celebrate several members of the family together. One such extravagant royal party was held in June 2000 at Windsor Castle to celebrate Prince Andrew’s 40th birthday, Princess Anne’s 50th, Princess Margaret’s 70th and Prince William’s 18th.

In a royal first, William will not have his birthday marked by the flying of Union flags on government buildings to mark the birthdays of senior royals, in the wake of Prince Andrew’s banishment from royal duties following his involvement in a sex abuse scandal. It emerged today that The Queen and the Prince of Wales will now be the only royals whose birthdays will be marked in such a way.

[From The Daily Mirror]

From a royal perspective, I think I’m surprised that a party wasn’t already organized for this past weekend or next weekend? That would have made more sense, especially given that months ago, William was telegraphing the fact that he was going to have a big keen birthday party and his brother wouldn’t be invited! I genuinely would have thought that plans were already made for a June or early July party. And if William is having a party “later this summer” in Windsor or Sandringham, that means the Queen won’t be there. She’ll be in Balmoral for the summer. Very curious. And offensive too, which is probably why the “plans” are seemingly hush-hush.

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