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bitchy | Prince William finally met Earthshot finalists for the first time in Windsor


At this point, I really do believe that Prince William and Kate are the dumbest ones in the Windsor clan. It’s a close race, and I’m not saying they’re the only morons. But the sheer volume of unforced errors coming from William and Kate is truly astounding. If the British media actually made the barest of efforts, William and Kate’s idiocy would be completely exposed. Think of their gleeful colonialist staging during the Caribbean Flop Tour. Think of their inability to bring donations to refugee centers and foodbanks. Think of how incapable they are of speaking without offending everyone.

One of the worst mistakes was William’s decision – cosigned by staff!! – to refuse to invite the Earthshot finalists to Boston in December for the big Earthshot Prize ceremony. William made a point of flying in celebrities and pop stars, but not the environmentalists and scientists he was supposed to be honoring. Well, this week, there was a small acknowledgement that “mistakes were made.” The Earthshot finalists were invited to Windsor for a “retreat,” and William met them all for the very first time. D’oh!

The Prince of Wales was deep in conversation with the finalists of the 2022 Earthshot Prize this afternoon at a retreat in Windsor, telling one woman her story was ‘unbelievable’. Prince William, 41, met with the innovators for the first time at the Earthshot Prize Fellowship Retreat in Cumberland Lodge at Windsor Great Park, which is part of the Earthshot Prize’s Fellowship Programme.

The father-of-three looked comfortable in a sharp suit, warming himself up with a blue jumper, as he chatted to each the finalists from this year’s awards which took place in Boston in December and asked how he could help them achieve their goals. He looked engrossed in conversation as he spoke, engaging in one of his greatest passions, while the finalists told him about their plans for 2023 and the years to come.

He spoke to Min Wang, whose company, Desert Agricultural Transformation, turns desert sand into agricultural land. She invited William to visit one of her project’s sites in China. He said: ‘If I am passing by I will be visiting all of your projects. I have made a note to my team.’

He added: ‘So by year 10 I will still be visiting Earthshot projects.’

He then met Charlot Magayi, whose company Mukuru makes clean and reliable cook stoves for low-income households in western Kenya. Ms Magayi grew up in Mukuru, the third largest slum in Kenya. Her business focuses on providing families with clean stoves that are less likely to expose them to harmful air pollution in their own homes. William gave her a particularly warm greeting. ‘Congratulations,’ he said. ‘The last time I saw you you were surrounded by children. Your story is unbelievable.’

William went into private group sessions with the finalists, where they spoke to him about their hopes and ambitions for the year ahead. As part of the retreat, the attendees will hear speeches from Christiana Figueres, former UN Climate Chief and Chair of The Earthshot Prize and Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, environmental activist, geographer and Member of The Earthshot Prize Council.

Later this week, attendees will travel to London where they will attend a forum at Deloitte and will have the chance to meet advisors and potential investors for their projects.

[From The Daily Mail]

“Attendees will travel to London where they will attend a forum at Deloitte and will have the chance to meet advisors and potential investors for their projects.” Something which, again, should have happened IN BOSTON. That was supposed to be the whole f–king point of Earthshot, spurring innovation, competition and collaboration, a race to heal the planet using millions in grant money and corporate donations, getting the best environmental minds together under one umbrella. Instead, William used Earthshot funds as his personal piggy bank to run an embiggening campaign for himself and he didn’t even bother to meet the “prize winners.” This Windsor summit absolutely seems like it was thrown together at the last minute. I doubt William did much more than wander around for an hour, making dumb faces.

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