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bitchy | Prince William ‘doesn’t know who Harry is anymore, they’ll never recover’

I still say that IF the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Charles did not go out of their way to spend time with Archie and Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor during the Jubbly, that alone says that the “royal rift” will never be healed. I don’t care how mad and how racist these a–holes are, it says something awful about Charles, William and Kate that they likely didn’t even bother to see their niece and nephew or grandchildren. I tend to believe William and Kate made zero effort to see the children. I have a theory that Charles did see them but he is not leaking anything about it (until it is useful to do so). Anyway, I bring this up because Us Weekly’s sources are talking about how Harry and William’s relationship is beyond repair. And I agree. William is so constipated with rage that he made no effort to see Harry’s children. That’s it in a nutshell.

Still on the rocks. Prince William has “not been in a good place” with Prince Harry for years, a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. The Duke of Cambridge, 40, and his younger brother, 37, “hit rock bottom” after Harry and Meghan Markle sat down for a tell-all interview with CBS in March 2021, the insider says, adding that the bond between the siblings is “doomed” and “irreparable.”

Per the insider, William “doesn’t know who [Harry] is anymore and the trust between them is strained,” especially after the royal family was “burned so many times” by the Duke of Sussex’s vocal criticism. “They’ll never recover from the damage that has been done.”

Despite their different points of view, William “still loves his little brother,” per the insider. “He’s his own flesh and blood and that underlying affection will never go away. William’s not one to bear grudges but what’s right is right. He’ll be civil to a point, but he’s not going to play happy families with them again or pretend that everything’s A-OK when it’s anything but.”

Duchess Kate is doing her best to salvage the relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry, an insider exclusively reveals. “There’s a small glimpse of hope of saving the brothers from never speaking again: Kate,” the source tells Us of the Duchess of Cambridge, 40. “She can sense that despite everything that has happened, William still feels the loss of Harry.”

Kate, for her part, is “frantically trying to play peacemaker,” but so far her efforts have proved unsuccessful. “[She] had a quiet word with the boys separately, even going as far as calling Harry in Montecito and suggesting that he reach out to William on his birthday,” the insider adds. “The issue is William and Harry are both overly stubborn, so there’s not much hope.”

[From Us Weekly]

Us Weekly is the second outlet to report that Kate contacted Harry in Montecito, which means that Middleton HQ wants that story out there. A return, at long last, to the Katie the Keen Peacemaker narrative. I doubt Kate has called Harry. Full-stop. I doubt she has his number. As for William and his inability to show compassion, empathy or understanding towards the Sussexes, that says more about him than Harry. Harry has spoken in very raw terms about how he felt like the royal family and media were colluding to destroy and kill his wife. Harry has spoken in raw terms about his anger about the smear campaign against his wife. And William’s answer has been sustained rage.

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