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bitchy | Prince Harry: ‘Just by leaving, it’s embarrassing for some people’

Prince Harry’s 60 Minutes interview was put on YouTube in its entirety. Harry’s ITV interview was not. Which is why I’m coming at Harry’s ITV quotes piecemeal – I haven’t seen the entire thing, and I’m using secondary sources and clips here and there to work out some of the most notable parts. The clip below is amazing because Harry says, flat-out, that the plan was always to drive Meghan out of the country and “it’s embarrassing to some people” that Harry left with Meghan. It’s “embarrassing” to the Windsors that Harry and Meghan are happy and thriving in California.

Here are more quotes on his happiness:

“I have made peace with a lot of what has happened but I am still waiting for accountability. Not just for us but because of the significance I know it will have for so many other people. I’m sure we got things wrong but I have continued over the last three or four years to ask what we got wrong and every single time I have received no [response]. But I am very happy. I am at peace. I’m in a better place than I’ve ever been. I think that probably angers some people and infuriates others, just by the nature of me leaving. I’m sure they always thought that Meghan would leave but I don’t think they thought I would leave as well. Just by leaving, it’s embarrassing for some people. As I said, it isn’t necessarily something I would have chosen at the time but I own my story and I own the result.”

But I’ve got two brilliant kids and an amazing wife. The happiness I feel now, I have never felt anywhere else before. The safety of my family is my priority and that is the main reason that we left. I feel safe here and my family feel safe here. I’m safe, my family is happy. It’s difficult going back but I am in such a good headspace now that whatever conversations happen now or whatever the future holds – whatever comes from that, I’m in a really good place to be able to have those conversations and not linger on it. There’s some people who think I couldn’t be happy here because of what I’ve left behind but the reality is I’ve never been happier.”

[Via Yahoo]

This alone is driving them nuts, nevermind everything else he’s said. Harry’s like, this wasn’t the plan but thank god it turned out this way because it’s amazing. You can see the happiness and health radiating out of him too – Meghan really saw a prince stuck in a toxic, dysfunctional system and said “I can fix him.”

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