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bitchy | Prince Harry is treated ‘like he’s just one of the guys’ when he’s playing polo


Prince Harry has been playing polo on the weekends before he traveled to the UK last week with his family. It was so much fun to see him, and to see Meghan supporting him. I wish there were more photos of them at the Santa Barbara Polo Club, but I also appreciate the fact that the club hasn’t become a circus. In the photos we’ve seen, Harry looks so happy to be back on a horse, playing one of his favorite sports and hanging out with his friends. Harry has brought his love of horses and polo to California and the vibe is great. People Magazine thinks so.

Prince Harry has brought a “really cool vibe” to the California polo scene! Despite his status as sixth in the line of succession to the British throne, Prince Harry “is just one of the guys” when it comes to his weekend polo tournaments at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, near the Montecito home he shares with wife Meghan Markle and their two children, Archie and Lilibet.

“Prince Harry looks so comfortable and happy on the polo field, and everyone treats him like he is just one of the guys!” an observer tells PEOPLE.

Competing on a team called Los Padres alongside longtime pal Nacho Figueras, Prince Harry has brought his longtime passion for the sport to his new home in recent weeks. However, his competitors have made him work for his successes (the team has won two tournaments already!).

“His presence this season has brought a really cool vibe to the club, but it hasn’t changed the way the games have been played — it’s business as usual and all the teams are fighting for the win,” the observer says.

While Prince Harry, 37, is a “very fierce competitor” on the field, he shows off his gentler side with the horses. “He is also extremely caring to the horses that he is playing and never hesitates to give them the praise that they deserve,” the observer notes.

Meghan, 40, has been spotted attending many of the matches, and the observer says she “seems extremely supportive.”

[From People]

When Meghan and Harry lived in the UK and they were doing all of the royal rigmarole, I often thought that Meghan’s favorite events were when Harry wore a uniform or when he was on a horse. We talk a lot about Harry and Meghan’s chemistry, but she gets especially hot for him during those events. Basically, I’m saying that of course Meghan is “extremely supportive.” She wants to see her sweaty man on a horse. You couldn’t keep Meghan away. As for the stuff about how much Harry enjoys it… he loves polo szn, he loves horses, he loves that his hot wife comes out to watch him play.

Photos courtesy of Nacho Figueras’s Instagram, Avalon Red and Instar.


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