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bitchy | Prince Harry ‘hopes to minimize the fallout caused by’ his memoir, ‘Spare’


After Penguin Random House released Prince Harry’s memoir cover and title, the British media has been in utter shambles. They’ve got unnamed sources crying over the name of the book, Spare, and threats of legal action and more. It’s hilarious. What’s also pretty amazing is to watch how, yet again, no one can keep their stories straight. The Windsors can’t even come up with one coherent argument for why any of this is a bad thing or why Harry should be “nervous” or how Harry really feels. This is because they’re desperate to retain some kind of control over Harry or control over his narrative, but they have no way to control him or his narrative whatsoever. Well, once again, “insiders” claim that Harry is very nervous about how his family will react to Spare.

Walking on eggshells? Prince Harry is hoping to avoid damaging his relationship with his family once his memoir, Spare, hits bookshelves early next year, a source exclusively reveals in the latest issue of Us Weekly.

“Harry has been working hard to strike a balance that will hopefully minimize the fallout caused by this book,” the insider says, noting that Harry, 38, is also trying to stay “true to his principles” and keep his publishers “happy at the same time.”

The Duke of Sussex’s book journey has been emotional for a variety of reasons. “It’s been a very rough process,” the source explains. “And very difficult for him to recount certain traumatic events from his childhood.”

Despite having to relive the highs and lows of his youth — including the 1997 death of his and Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana — Harry has tried to find the silver lining.

“At the same time, he’s found it cathartic,” the insider adds. “And at this stage there are no regrets.” The former military pilot “didn’t feel rushed and finished the manuscript on his own terms,” the source tells Us, noting that the royal “had a great ghostwriter and edit team to work with.”

[From Us Weekly]

I actually believe that Harry has zero regrets about everything involved with Spare, and I believe it was probably quite cathartic to get a lot of this sh-t off his chest. Many people find it therapeutic to write, to journal, to simply type out their thoughts, memories, etc. Now, do I believe that Harry is at all concerned about “the fallout” or worried about “striking a balance”? No. Even if you argue that Harry might have edited himself in Spare, you can bet that his second memoir will burn it all to the ground. Frankly, it continues to be wishful thinking from the Windsors and their royalist media that Harry has mixed emotions, or that one of his goals is to avoid pissing off his family. They’re clearly terrified that Harry has zero mixed emotions.

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