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bitchy | Prince Harry has filed a second lawsuit, this one against the Met police


I don’t understand every moving part of the bureaucracy of “royal protection,” nor do I understand every part of Prince Harry’s lawsuit against the British Home Office. Here’s what I do understand: Prince Harry has the time, money and inclination to see this through to the bloody end, and he will do his best to expose all of the bullsh-t and all of the lies. A few weeks ago, Harry won the right for his case to proceed to a full judicial review. There will be a judicial review of the Home Office’s choice to refuse Harry’s offer to pay back his security costs whenever he visits the UK. As in, he wants police security and he wants to pay the police back, but he was denied security AND the chance to pay it back. Well, not only is that case proceeding to its full Judicial Review, but Harry is now introducing a new lawsuit? LMAO. I told you that he has the time.

Prince Harry has filed another lawsuit over the decision not to allow him to pay for police protection when he is in the UK. The Duke of Sussex began a legal challenge against the Home Office after his taxpayer-funded security was stripped in 2020 when he stepped down as a working royal and moved to California. Now, it has emerged that a second lawsuit has now been filed by Harry at the High Court with the Home Office and also the Metropolitan Police as defendants.

It is understood it focuses on the decision from earlier this year that people should not be able to privately pay for police protection.

An official from the Judicial Office told the Mirror: “It is at an early stage, no hearings have been listed yet and no decisions have been made.”

The new claim comes just weeks after Harry won the latest stage of his court fight in his initial claim against the Home Office in the High Court over his security arrangements. The ruling means he will now be able to take the case for a judicial review.

He and his team had argued that his US-based entourage do not have sufficient jurisdiction in Britain to be able to protect him properly. They further argued his hiring of police officers during the duration of his trips would come at no cost to the taxpayer.

But the Executive Committee for the Protection of Royalty and Public Figures (Ravec), which falls under the remit of the Home Office, ruled last June that he could no longer be entitled to the “same degree” of security as he is now a private citizen. Harry’s lawyers said in an appeal in June that the decision had been made with “procedural unfairness” as he had not been able to make “informed representations” before his application was denied.

[From The Daily Mirror]

In the preliminary hearings for the first case, Harry had already exposed some significant stuff about Ravec, the secretive committee which makes the determinations as to who gets royal protection. Keep in mind that Ravec is apparently fine with Prince Andrew still having full royal protection, but Ravec rejected Harry’s offer to pay back his security costs. Harry also exposed Sir Edward Young, the Queen’s private secretary, who apparently failed to present Harry’s offer in full to Ravec. One thing is for sure: this fight is about a lot more than who pays for Harry’s police protection on his next visit to the UK.

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