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bitchy | Prince Andrew’s ‘arrogance & entitlement’ cannot be underestimated


Over the weekend, Prince Andrew really thought he was managing his big royal comeback brilliantly. Andrew’s team spread the news that he was confirmed for the public-facing part of Garter Day, Buckingham Palace confirmed that they were already figuring out “how to support” Andrew in his comeback, and Andrew was completely convinced that everybody was just dying to see him and bow to him, a blood prince. After all, Andrew had worked it all out with his mother. By that I mean that Andrew visits his physically fragile mother every day and he manipulates her and convinces her that he needs to “come back.” Prince Charles shut it all down by Monday morning. Prince William threatened to pull out of Garter Day if Andrew was included in the procession. But it took Charles actually going to his mother and saying “no, we’re not doing this” for anything to change. Anyway, the Daily Beast’s Royalist has a story about Andrew’s arrogance:

Andrew’s entitlement: “The thing about Andrew,” a former royal staffer who previously worked with the prince told The Daily Beast, “is that you cannot possibly underestimate his arrogance. Everything you read about him, everything you hear about him, it’s not just all true, it doesn’t even begin to capture the entitlement of the man.”

Everyone knew that he would worm his way back after he was cut off from royal life: While that might have seemed a statement of unvarnished permanence to the public, insiders at the palace are far from surprised at Andrew’s attempts to worm his way back into public life, the former staffer said. “Everyone who knows him guessed he would never willingly stand down from his royal position forever because his entire status springs from that royal position. It looks utterly ridiculous to everyone else, but he is completely convinced that because of the accident of his birth, he is 100 percent entitled to pick up where he left off.”

He constantly manipulates his mother: But Andrew has access to the one weak spot in the otherwise impenetrable granite wall of royal resolve, and the likelihood is he will keep on chipping away until his mother dies. “The queen is putty in his hands,” the friend of Andrew says. “He is the favorite son and he goes to visit her for a cup of tea and says, ‘But mummy…’ and he wins her round.”

[From The Daily Beast]

Here’s what I don’t understand… so everyone knows that Andrew is arrogant and entitled and completely obsessed with reclaiming his royal status. Everyone knows that he visits his mother every day and talks her into his crazy comeback schemes. Why are the Queen’s courtiers signing off on his sh-t? What isn’t Charles trying to limit the Queen’s time with Andrew? This too is what Harry was talking about when he spoke about making sure the Queen is protected and has the right people around her. Andrew and the Queen go into a room, Andrew comes out and tells the Queen’s aides of his scheme and the aides are like “yeah, that sounds fine, we’ll put your name on the Garter Day list!” It’s especially galling because these are the same aides who apparently “limited” the time Harry and Meghan spent with the Queen, remember?

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