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bitchy | Prince Andrew still has the ‘honorary position’ of aide-de-camp to the Queen

By their own financial disclosures, the Windsors exceeded their Sovereign Grant money by £16.1 million for 2021-2022. A few people suggested that perhaps the large discrepancy could be explained by Prince Andrew’s settlement out of court with Virginia Giuffre. Which is an interesting theory, but I doubt it – I think that money came from the Queen’s vast private funds, the extraordinary wealth which she does not have to disclose publicly. Giving away Sovereign Grant money to pay off Andrew’s victim… well, that would lead to even more questions.

Anyway, now that Andrew has settled with Virginia and months have passed since Andrew “stepped down” from his royal patronages and stopped using his HRH, what now? The Queen and Buckingham Palace will do the most to “support” him financially, that’s what. They’ll also try to ensure that he’s back in the royal fold completely, even if he’s not allowed at some of the public events. What’s even more interesting is that as the months pass, people are realizing that Andrew barely stepped down from jacksh-t. He’s still a knight of the Garter. He still has a few military patronages. And he’s still, remarkably, an aide-de-camp to the Queen:

Prince Andrew still holds a ceremonial role as a personal aide-de-camp to the Queen despite being stripped of a host of his military titles earlier this year. The disgraced royal, 62, appears in a list of appointments to Her Maj in an official Ministry of Defence document published weeks after he settled an alleged sex assault case.

Palace sources say the duke remains in the personal and honorary position, which is within the gift of the Queen. The role, also occupied by Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Edward, is similar to the Knight of the Garter honour which is also bestowed by Her Majesty.

Andrew, who was spotted out riding at Windsor yesterday, was made the Queen’s personal aide-de-camp in 1984 when he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant. The role is essentially that of a personal assistant to the sovereign. The positions can be granted to members of the Royal Family and senior officers in the forces. ADCs wear an aiguillette — an ornamental braided cord — on uniforms. With royal appointments it is worn on the right shoulder.

[From The Sun]

The steady drip-drip of “well actually, Andrew still has this role and that honor and this patronage” months after he was supposedly stripped of his patronages and royal honors is pretty outrageous, actually. The Queen and her aides completely and totally lied to the British public. They did the most to not only protect a credibly accused rapist and predator, they actively covered up the fact that the rapist/predator was NOT in fact stripped of all of his royal positions. For those keeping score at home: Andrew is still an aide-de-camp, a Knight of the Garter, he still wants to use his HRH (and does use it on correspondence), he still remains in at least one military patronage, he still resides in Royal Lodge (a huge mansion he “rents,” with his mother paying for all of it), he still has royal protection and his mother still has an open door policy for him, and he sees her every day.

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