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bitchy | Prince Andrew cannot get it through his thick skull that no one wants him


This summer, Queen Elizabeth II went to Balmoral and her favorite son was hot on her heels. Prince Andrew arrived at Balmoral shortly after his mother, with an agenda and “flunkies in tow.” Andrew’s agenda was the same as always: convince his mother to make him a big, fancy boy with big, fancy titles. Andrew has never been desperate to work, but he’s always been desperate to be seen, to have the trappings of royalty, to be loved and accepted. Keep in mind that QEII had to keep firing him over and over because he couldn’t get it through his thick skull that no one wants a degenerate rapist and human trafficker around. We even found out in real time that Andrew was still begging his mother to let him come back, just as we learned that there were some big meetings happening in Scotland (before the Queen’s passing) about Andrew’s future. Even now that we’re two months past QEII’s death, it still feels like Andrew is delusional enough to believe that there’s some kind of comeback to be had. So… King Charles put a stop to it, I guess.

Prince Andrew was left ‘tearful’ after a tense face-to-face meeting with Charles, then Prince of Wales, who told his younger brother he will never return to Royal duties, a source has claimed. The Duke of York believes he could ‘still be of value’ as a working member of the Royal Family despite his association with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and has lobbied strenuously to resume his former roles. But The Mail on Sunday understands these hopes were dashed in a private early morning meeting at Charles’s Birkhall estate in Scotland days before the Queen’s death.

‘Andrew was totally blindsided,’ a source told The MoS, adding that the decision has left those around the duke concerned for him. ‘He is utterly bereft. He always believed there was a way back.’

There will be further evidence of the Duke’s isolation next Sunday, when he will be absent from the Remembrance Day service at The Cenotaph – the first in 70 years without Queen Elizabeth II. Stripped of his official duties, he no longer has a role to play.

‘Andrew was extremely close to the Queen and tried to raise the issue of his return to public life many times with her,’ said the source. ‘On some occasions she would say mildly conciliatory things but most of the time she would change the subject immediately.’

It is understood that most senior figures in the Royal Family had thought the matter settled – that there was no way back. Yet this had not been Andrew’s understanding.

‘Naive as it may sound, he always had hopes of regaining his position as a senior royal,’ continued the source. ‘At the meeting Charles told him that he can go off and have a good life, a nice life, but that his public life as a Royal is at an end. He was told: ”You have to accept this.”

[From The Daily Mail]

I know this isn’t breaking news or anything and there probably won’t be many comments on this post, but I still find it remarkable that, even after all of this time and repeated firings, Andrew still has the f–king gall to believe that he should still be able to do “royal work” like appear at public/royal events. I also believe that Andrew was f–king badgering his mother until the bitter end, trying to convince her to do this or that or give him this title or whatever sum of money. Charles probably did tell him: stop, stfu and go away. And Andrew f–king cried about it. The audacity.

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