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bitchy | Peter Phillips’s girlfriend Lindsay Wallace is still married, the scandal of it all


Honestly though, this story is not really that dramatic, but I still think people are sort of interested in it? To recap, Peter Phillips and his wife Autumn split up in February 2020. Their divorce was somewhat unremarkable, what little we did hear of it. Autumn kept her mouth shut and it’s widely assumed that she got a nice-sized divorce settlement, plus a separate home on the Gatcombe Park estate (Princess Anne’s estate). There were questions about what led to the split and whether Peter had a side chick. Then he drove 500-plus miles to Scotland for a booty call during the height of the pandemic and people were like “oh, okay, so he’s got someone else.” That booty call was Lindsay Wallace, a woman he’s known for years. They went to school together, and Lindsay is close to his sister’s age. Peter seemingly kept up with Lindsay and they began quietly dating in 2020/21 and they’ve been together ever since. She joined him at multiple events during the Jubbly and it felt like an official rollout.

So, everything is good, right? Peter and Lindsay will probably get married and, if anything, it’s kind of a nice story about two 40-somethings getting a second chance at love. It would have been easy for Peter to choose some 20-something Lady BunBun Rooter-Tooter, but he chose a generational peer. But there’s a snag, and it’s an interesting one. Lindsay Wallace is still married! She split from her husband around the same time that Peter and Autumn separated. And Lindsay’s divorce has not been completed.

A year on from his divorce, the Queen’s grandson Peter Phillips has entered a bright new chapter of his life with his new love firmly by his side. The Queen’s eldest grandson, 44, who lives at Princess Anne’s Gatcombe Estate next door to his sister Zara Tindall, split from his Canadian wife Autumn, mother of his daughters Savannah, 12, and Isla, 11, in February 2020 after 14 years together. Their divorce was finalised 16 months later, in June last year.

By then rumours had already started circulating that Peter had found love again with Lindsay Wallace, an old school pal from his days at £40,000-a-year Gordonstoun. He made headlines when he made a visit to Ms Wallace’s Scottish home in March 2021, sparking speculation he might have broken lockdown rules. The pair were photographed together for the first time eight months later when Lindsay joined Peter at the double royal christening of August Brooksbank and Lucas Tindall.

The seriousness of their relationship was made clear this weekend when Ms Wallace joined her royal beau at three separate Platinum Jubilee events: the Epsom Derby, the Platinum Party and the Platinum Pageant. At the former, the couple were joined by Zara and Mike Tindall and Princess Anne, but the second was even more significant because Ms Wallace attended alongside Peter’s two children.

It is not out of the realms of possibility that Peter might one day might want to pop the question, if things keep going as well as they are. Yet there is one major roadblock in their way: while Ms Wallace has separated from her husband Andrew, the pair are not divorced. The stay-at-home mother parted from businessman Andrew, her husband of 11 years, at around the same time last year that Phillips announced he and his wife Autumn were divorcing after 12 years of marriage.

Peter was three years above Lindsay at Gordonstoun, the school also attended by Prince Philip and Prince Charles, but the pair are believed to have reconnected at a reunion. Lindsay, who was born and raised in Scotland and whose parents are said to be ‘pillars of the community’, has remained a friend of his sister Zara. She was a guest at her 2011 Edinburgh wedding to rugby player Mike Tindall, where she was spotted in a pink hat and cream silk coat.

At the time of the March visit, Peter denied being in a relationship. But a source later said he was ‘besotted’ with his new girlfriend and they had bonded following the breakdown of their respective marriages.

[From The Daily Mail]

So… were Peter and Lindsay having an affair? Was that why both of their marriages crashed around the same time? And is that Lindsay’s husband seems to be slow-walking the divorce? Very weird! I can’t believe Peter brought a married woman to all of those Jubbly events! The scandal of it all! (As I said at the beginning, this is more a mild curiosity than a scandal, but it’s still fun to gossip about.)

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