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bitchy | Olivia Wilde refused to answer questions about her lies & Shia LaBeouf


Two Fridays ago, Shia LaBeouf outed Olivia Wilde as a liar. At that point, we already knew that Olivia is a melodramatic a–hole who manages to center herself as both the victim and the heroine of every story. Shia dropped receipts of Olivia’s plain, unnecessary lies about “firing” him, and he even provided a helpful video of Olivia calling him to beg him to come back to the production so he can give “Miss Flo” a “wakeup call.” Instead of protecting Pugh – which is what Wilde claimed to have done – Wilde was actually sh-t talking her lead actress (behind her back) to a known misogynist like Shia. Wilde thought Miss Flo needed a wakeup call in that situation. It was bad. And we knew that the Venice Film Festival world premiere would be a mess. It delivered!! Note: I’m splitting up all of this DWD coverage into separate posts because so much happened!

First off, Florence skipped the press conference ahead of the premiere. Good for her. Olivia had clearly worked it out with the film festival’s moderator ahead of time to shut down questions about Olivia’s own behavior and Shia LaBeouf. Olivia answered one question and tried to pretend like it was all some big internet conspiracy. Then the moderator shut down all follow-up questions (I’m including a tweet from the journalist who got shut down):

After that mess, Olivia and the cast had to get through the premiere. Olivia watched as the cast rallied around Florence and hyped her like crazy, all while Florence was making a point to thoroughly ignore Olivia. Chris Pine and Gemma Chan were used as buffers not only between Olivia and Florence, but bizarrely between Olivia and Harry Styles too. Harry barely interacted with Olivia either. What a complete mess. But hey, this mess will get some people to watch the movie.

Olivia’s yellow gown is Gucci, btw. The green suit she wore to the presser probably should have been buttoned up? She was just letting the jacket hang open, like we really needed to see her bra. Try-hard.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.


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