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bitchy | NYT: The Waleses’ Boston trip is about ‘maintaining a sense of relevance’


Whenever Prince William and Kate travel beyond the insular lunatic asylum of Salt Island, it feels like they’re surprised that the international media can’t be “managed” the same way the British media can. Which isn’t to say that the Waleses can control the British media – they cannot. But William and Kate know where they stand with their domestic media, and they have their games and the British media has their games and it’s all very incestuous and compromised. So I’m genuinely curious to see how the American media covers the Waleses’ visit to Boston and whether American media will be credentialed at all of the Keens’ events. In any case, the New York Times did a preview of the Boston trip: “Prince and Princess of Wales to Visit Boston as the Royal Family Recasts Itself.” There’s some shade here and it’s magnificent. Hilariously, this is the THIRD time we’re seeing a comparison with Earthshot and the Super Bowl!!!

The royal family is “trying to rebrand itself as a modern monarchy.” “This is them trying to establish who they are in a more pared-down, streamlined monarchy,” said Arianne J. Chernock, a history professor at Boston University and a scholar of modern Britain. “This is a more updated, modernized family that they want to represent.” Dr. Chernock said the Earthshot Prize, a cause that the royal family has embraced in recent years, is a way for the prince and princess to explore how they can align themselves with “core, weighty issues and maintain a sense of relevance, as well as a connection with their subjects and global population to justify their existence…. It’s a tall task.”

It’s the Super Bowl!! “This is his Super Bowl moment of the year,” said Dame Karen Price, the British ambassador to the United States, “and he uses it to shine the light on some of the most impactful projects that are doing amazing things around the world to help save the planet.” Compared with a traditional royal tour, Ms. Price said, this visit is “much more focused on the work being done in climate change.” The prince and princess are “very natural people,” she said. “They want to meet ordinary people who are working hard for their communities.”

A summary of the Flop Tour: William and Kate’s last trip abroad together was a turbulent tour of the Caribbean in March, one filled with gaffes, miscues and renewed calls for reparations for Britain’s role in the slave trade. Dr. Chernock said that trip had been “ill conceived” and that this trip would probably be much more carefully managed and calculated. “It will be telling to see how they present themselves, the kinds of comments they make to the public — have they accepted or heard some of the criticisms?” Dr. Chernock said. The couple has been “quite good at being human,” she said, and at tackling difficult issues, like climate change and mental health, that “they do genuinely care about.”

[From The NY Times]

I love love love that the Caribbean Flop Tour was mentioned here. It was so bad that William and Kate don’t even want to mention it anymore. They crashed from one tone-deaf photo-op to the next, stopping only to take a couple of days off to scuba dive and drink Crack Baby cocktails in the hotel. “Have they accepted or heard some of the criticisms?” really is the question and my guess is a resounding “nope.” Also, Dr. Chernock’s comments about how William and Kate are trying to be relevant are particularly brutal too – that’s the long and short of it, isn’t it? It’s not that Will and Kate are popular or unpopular abroad, it’s that they’re completely irrelevant.

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