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bitchy | NYDN: Harry Styles wasn’t ‘ready to play daddy’ to Olivia Wilde’s kids


Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles’s breakup was announced just two and a half weeks ago, although it feels like a lot longer. That’s because it was always pretty clear that their relationship wouldn’t significantly outlast the promotion for Don’t Worry Darling. Sure enough, Harry began to disentangle himself from Olivia in the weeks after DWD’s promo was done. The official word on the breakup (from Olivia’s publicist, I mean “sources”) was that everything was amicable and they’re still friends. Then People had an exclusive a week later about how Olivia was so “disappointed” about Harry’s immaturity or something. What was missing was Harry’s side and the NYDN thinks they have it:

Harry Styles may have broken up with Olivia Wilde because he was so unhappy with the negative press around their movie “Don’t Worry Darling.”

“He is a very positive, chilled-out person and constant stories about Florence Pugh and Wilde fighting drove him nuts,” said one source. “It kind of took the air out of their romance. Plus, he is not ready to play daddy to her kids with Jason Sudeikis.”

Managing the relationship with her and the kids was becoming a burden for the young actor, who became famous singing in the boy band One Direction.

“He feels she needs to settle her custody case and concentrate on her children,” said my source. “The age difference was starting to show its ugly fangs.”

[From The NYDN]

Yeah, I buy that. I’ve said before that I don’t think Harry actually likes a lot of relationship drama, although his fans might disagree. The stuff with Olivia was a mess from the start, carrying on an affair with someone in a longtime partnership and two kids, then the messy split from Jason Sudeikis and the subsequent custody fight. Olivia was prepared to move full-time to London to be with Harry and she wanted to move the kids there permanently, and Jason was freaking out about it. The icing on the cake was the fact that Olivia lied constantly about Florence Pugh and that everyone took Miss Flo’s side. At the end of the day, it was pretty easy for Harry to cut his ties.

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