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bitchy | Nicholl: Princess Kate was ‘mentored’ by QEII, Kate is ‘well prepared’ for her role


This story made me remember something a bit curious – remember how Queen Elizabeth made a point of doing a day of events with the Duchess of Sussex soon after Meghan’s 2018 wedding? Meghan even got to travel on the royal train with Her Maj. It felt like a very big deal, that QEII was making a point of being publicly warm to Meghan. That irritated the f–k out of Prince William and Kate, especially Kate. QEII had never singled out Kate in that way, although we don’t know if QEII had tried and been rebuffed by Kate’s overwhelming laziness. While Kate did a handful of events with QEII in the early years of her marriage, Kate had never “gotten” that kind of special one-on-one attention from her grandmother-in-law. So… it’s funny to watch Kate furiously try to embiggen herself by trying to act like she and QEII were super-tight from the word go. So says Katie Nicholl.

The Princess of Wales had a ‘phenomenal’ mentor in The Queen and ‘isn’t trying to emulate’ Princess Diana in her new role, an expert has claimed. Royal correspondent Katie Nicholl – author of The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown – said the late monarch offered huge support to the Princess before she married into the Royal Family in 2011.

Speaking to Ok! , the expert said Her Majesty ‘made her private office and ladies-in-waiting’ available to Kate ahead of the Royal Wedding so she could familarise herself with the inner-workings of royal life.

The author said: ‘[This meant Kate] could go and talk to them first-hand about what it was like to do royal engagements and how one should behave. And she took up that offer and made sure she benefitted from that experience.’

In turn, the expert highlighted how Kate always prioritised spending time with the late Queen – who wanted to make sure the future Princess of Wales was ‘well prepared’ to take on the role.

Referencing how the couple took their children Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, to Balmoral every summer, she added: ‘Those were precious, valuable moments for Kate to develop a close relationship with the Queen. And they did have a good relationship. Part of that relationship was mentoring and the Queen being able to pass on her advice, her values and her guidance.’

As her mother-in-law was the last royal to hold the title of the Princess of Wales, the expert said Kate is aware that she has ‘formidable shoes’ to fill. However, the expert says Kate is intent on ‘carving her own identity’ within her new position.

‘She’s not letting anything overshadow or overwhelm the Princess of Wales that she wants to be,’ Katie added. ‘I think that’s very much to her credit and her confidence.’

Rather than directly ’emulating’ Princess Diana, the expert says the Princess of Wales prefers to pay her respects with her jewellery.

[From The Daily Mail]

One, Kate IS trying to emulate Diana, but she only wants to emulate her dead mother-in-law superficially, through jewelry and clothes. Kate thinks if she wears Diana’s earrings and dresses in Diana’s ‘80s fashion, people will love and respect her like they did with Diana. Kate has never understood that Diana had that magic, the emotional intelligence and charisma, to work a room or connect with people. As for Kate learning so much from QEII – please, before Kate and William’s wedding, no one in the Windsor clan liked or even knew Kate. QEII let it be known that she thought Kate was lazy and dumb for hanging around for a decade, waitying for the ring and being William’s beck-and-call girl. Reportedly, QEII really didn’t make an effort to “prepare” the married-in women for much of anything. Sure, she had staffers offer Kate and Meghan some tips, but it’s not like Liz was creating protocol lists or anything.

(Honestly, there’s more evidence that Camilla “helped” Kate learn the role more than anyone else. Camilla took Kate to lunch before the wedding and they’ve seemed especially thick as thieves after Liz died. They both looted the old lady’s jewelry as soon as possible too.)

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