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bitchy | New York Magazine declares 2022 the ‘Year of the Nepo Baby’


“Nepo babies” have been a thing in Hollywood since the beginning. Family connections and a parent in the industry = a career in modeling or acting. But in the current era of Hollywood, nepotism has definitely become a next-level issue. Most of the work goes to nepo babies, and the younger generations of nepo babies (the under-30s) are as clueless and tone-deaf about their privilege as can be. So, New York Magazine put “Nepo Babies” on their new cover and people are in their feelings about it.

To be fair, I think some of the younger nepo babies are talented and interesting. I like Maya Hawke (daughter of Ethan and Uma) and I don’t think John David Washington (Denzel and Pauletta’s son) belongs on this list. But Zoe Kravitz? Lily-Rose Depp? Jaden Smith? Dakota Johnson? Kaia Gerber? Burn them!! Or make them go to acting school and actually struggle for a year or two. From Vulture:

In 2022, the internet uncovered a vast conspiracy: Hollywood was run on an invisible network of family ties — and everybody was in on it! Everyone is someone’s kid, but it was as if everybody were somebody’s kid. Euphoria, the buzziest show on television, was created by the son of a major director and co-starred the daughter of another. Actress Maya Hawke was not only born to two famous parents but looked like them, too. Half of Brooklyn’s indie artists had dads with IMDb pages. Even Succession’s Cousin Greg turned out to be the son of one of the guys who designed the Rolling Stones’ lips logo. Aghast, content creators got to work. An unwieldy phrase — “the child of a celebrity” — was reduced to a catchy buzzword: nepo baby. TikTokers produced multipart series about nepo babies who resembled their famous parents, exposés on people you didn’t know were nepo babies (everyone knew), and PSAs urging celebrity parents to roast their nepo babies “to keep them humble.”

[From Vulture]

Vulture also has tons of articles about various nepo babies (who you might not have known are second-generation or third-generation). It’s all pretty exhaustive. I’m glad they’re pointing out that my nemesis Laura Dern is a nepo baby. I’ll admit that Angelina Jolie is a nepo baby too, even though she dropped “Voight” from her stage name and then her legal name. A lot of people suggested that someone should do a “Nepo Baby, but in journalism” piece. I never think about that, but it’s true.

Vulture also f–ked up by posting a photo of Malcolm Washington and labeling him John David Washington (they’re brothers).

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar, covers courtesy of New York Magazine, Porter and Elle.


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