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bitchy | Mike Tindall’s reality show gig ‘brings the royal family into disrepute’


Mike Tindall is still appearing on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! As much as the British media wants to polish this turd, there’s an inescapable sense that this is a huge downgrade for someone adjacent to the royal family. I keep thinking about how the royal reporters will always condescendingly reference Prince Harry and Netflix, claiming that his “Netflix paymasters will make him sing for his supper!” When it was Mike all along, prepared to spill royal tea for a relatively paltry sum. Soon after he sexually assaulted a young female crew member, Mike was on camera, talking about his first date with Zara Phillips, and how they both got completely sh-tfaced on their lunch date. He said, “Then we figured out that we both quite like getting smashed. It was a good start.” How frightfully downmarket. There’s a growing feeling among royalists that Tindall’s appearance on this show is actually quite bad for the Windsors:

The Prince and Princess of Wales will be ‘very upset and sad’ over Mike Tindall’s behaviour on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, an expert has claimed. Royal author Angela Levin has accused Princess Anne’s son-in-law, 44, of ‘demeaning’ the Royal Family by participating in the hit ITV reality series.

Since entering the jungle, the former rugby star has won over fans by giving an honest insight into his marriage and surprise rapping skills. Earlier this week, the father-of-three revealed that him and his wife Zara got ‘smashed’ on their ‘boozy’ first date back in 2003, which the expert insisted wasn’t ‘anybody’s business’ but their own.

She said: ‘I think it brings the royal family into disrepute.’

Speculating why the rugby pro signed up the series, Angela suggested that the father was either ‘bored’ or just ‘wanted to have some fun’.

‘I think that demeans not just his wife, but his mother in law Princess Anne – and other members of the royal family,’ she said. ‘It’s not just a joke.’

What’s more, the expert said that Mike’s antics will also leave the Prince and Princess of Wales ‘very sad and very upset’.

Describing how Mike has always been particularly supportive of Prince William, the expert said his appearance has come out of left-field for the family and could mark the start of his new TV ambitions.

[From The Daily Mail]

LOL. It was just six months ago when the British media was force-feeding their readers with a narrative about “Prince William has always been super-close to Mike Tindall.” There was a desperation to make William seem personable and blokey, so quotes appeared out of the ether about their “bromance.” It was also a convenient deflection considering both Mike and William were photographed at Houghton Hall, the residence of Rose Hanbury. Remember that? Anyway, while Angela Levin is a lunatic, I believe that the Windsors are not happy about Mike’s whole deal these days.

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