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bitchy | Mike Tindall was overheard referring to Prince Harry as a ‘bellend’ at the Jubbly

In 2017-2018, Prince Harry began removing some old names from his group of friends and associates. Meghan got the blame for this, but long-term, I think we can safely say that Harry became awakened (woke, if you will) to his friends’ true feelings about race and interracial relationships. Harry basically blanked out a lot of old friends because they couldn’t deal with the fact that he was marrying Meghan. I believe at that time, Harry also had a fallout with Zara and Mike Tindall. Zara had always been his beloved cousin, but a shift began happening circa 2018. The Tindalls picked a side, and they chose William and Kate. Or maybe Harry made the choice for them, I don’t honestly know. Crash cut to two weeks ago at the Jubbly, and Zara was open and friendly with Harry and Meghan at the church service, all while Mike stood off to the side looking grumpy. It turns out Mike called Harry a “bellend” during the Jubbly.

Mike Tindall called Prince Harry a “b***end” during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. A source overheard the former English rugby player referring to the Duke of Sussex’s behaviour as that of a “b***end”.

He made the comment to a fellow guest at a reception held after the televised Platinum Party concert at Buckingham Palace on June 4, as first reported by the Daily Express.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were notably absent from all of the jubilee events, apart from a thanksgiving service held the day before the concert. Television footage showed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle approach Mr Tindall and his wife Zara, the Queen’s granddaughter, following the ceremony on June 3.

Mr Tindall appeared to visibly avoid speaking to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex by staring into the distance and then speaking to other royals.

[From The Daily Mirror]

The body language “expert” was called in to reiterate the point that Mike was too much of a grumpy child to speak to Harry and Meghan, which is what we could see with our own eyes. It’s still interesting to me that Zara was polite, even warm. While it’s clear that Mike and Zara “chose” William and Kate, Mike has taken this all way too personally. Mike is even being tasked with being William’s BFF these days. As for the “bellend” stuff… I truly wonder what Mike is getting out of this? Money?

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Instar.

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