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bitchy | Mike Tindall grabbed & groped a young woman on the crew of his reality show


Mike Tindall is currently starring in I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! The reality show is filming in Australia, and I guess episodes are airing in the UK in real time, judging from the tweets about Mike’s on-air rapping skills. Eleven years ago, shortly after Mike’s summer 2011 wedding to Zara Phillips, Mike was in Australia and he was photographed cheating on his wife. There were widespread reports of his drunken escapade with some Australian woman and after the flurry of reporting, it was dealt with quietly. Zara barely said a word about it. In the years that followed, it does seem like Mike is just… a cheater, a thug, a douche. But did you also know that he would sexually harass and assault a young crew member on this reality show?

In the chronology of photos, the young masked woman has her back to him and he’s sizing her up like prey. He then grabs her from behind, lifting her up and, oh right, look at how he cops a feel of her breast too. This isn’t Mike being a “lad.” This is a 44-year-old man who thinks it’s funny to sexually assault young women in broad daylight, in front of cameras. Disgusting.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.


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