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bitchy | Martin & Short ‘dismayed’ Selena Gomez wasn’t nominated for Only Murders

When the 2022 Emmy nominations were announced earlier this week, Only Murders in the Building came out the gate strong with a total of 17 nominations. This was unsurprising considering that it is an awesome show. In addition to many technical nominations, Only Murders pulled a comedy series nomination, acting nominations for a couple of guest stars, and lead actor nominations for Steve Martin and Martin Short. Noticeably snubbed? Selena Gomez, the third member of the central trio. Steve and Marty did a video interview with The New York Times after the nominations were announced and noted their dismay that Selena wasn’t nominated as well.

“Only Murders in the Building” was recognized many times today. How does it feel?

STEVE MARTIN Well, we’re thrilled. We’re thrilled at the nominations, not only for us but for the show. We’re dismayed that Selena was not nominated because she’s so crucial to our performances, really.

MARTIN SHORT She is nominated as an executive producer.

Who is this a bigger honor for?

MARTIN It’s a big honor for everybody. Because two years ago, we weren’t working.

SHORT To think that, when I was a kid, there was prime-time: ABC, NBC and CBS. And now you have a billion shows — so many that I’m told by my family are just brilliant and I have not seen. To thrive in that kind of era is pretty great.

MARTIN Also, I believe that the comedy acting category should be divided in two, for Overly Broad and Way Too Subtle. So whatever the nominations are, you have subcategories. Marty could win Overly Broad, and I could win Way Too Subtle.

SHORT You could be in your own category, which is Too Pale to Actually Light.

MARTIN When they’re doing a close-up on Marty, they use me as a bounce board.

Have you ever been in direct competition before?

SHORT Just emotionally.

MARTIN Every minute of every day.

Martin, this is the first continuing series that you have been involved with for a while; Steve, this is your first continuing series ever. Is there any way in which you feel like rookies?

MARTIN I was surprised, I thought the shooting would be quite different. I thought it would be two takes and you move on, and two takes more and you move on. But no, it’s just like a movie. We’re shooting five hours in 12, 14 weeks. A movie is two hours in 10 weeks.

Are you going to be able to support each other on Emmys night? Or will it get cutthroat? Will it be each man for himself?

MARTIN I suggested to Marty that he withdraw, but he doesn’t say why. It’s just a mystery. And then he starts a whisper campaign that it’s because I have a fatal disease.

SHORT Steve told me this last night, and I said: “I don’t quite understand. It seems to service you more than me.”

MARTIN I said he comes off like a hero. He’s stepping back for his friend.

SHORT So if this all happened, and you’re sitting there and you hear, “And the winner is — Bill Hader,” what do you do?

MARTIN [leaping up from his seat] I’m well!

[From The New York Times]

I wasn’t totally surprised Selena wasn’t nominated. The comedy field seems particularly stacked this year and she’s probably considered a lead on the show. I wonder if she would have fared better if her role was considered supporting? But deserved or not, it’s gotta sting that her two counterparts were nominated and she was not. Like Steve says, she is crucial to their performances and the overall dynamic of the main trio and therefore their characters wouldn’t be the same without her. The NY Times interview is great to hear the two men bounce off each other and I know they’ve been friends for years before Selena was even born, but reading the interview I could hear their voices and really felt like someone was missing. This is a case for a best ensemble nomination category if I ever saw one.

Steve and Marty also covered People this week with an exclusive about their friendship, working together, and they mention the next season of Only Murders. Selena hinted at it last month and it was  confirmed for season three this week.

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