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bitchy | Mail: The Sussexes used photos from Meghan’s NYC baby shower & Philip’s funeral


I mentioned this several times yesterday on Twitter, but there was a palpable chill coming from the British media and the Windsors in the hours after Netflix dropped the trailer for Harry & Meghan Vol. 2. In it, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex speak about “institutional gaslighting,” being “fed to the wolves” and, most significantly, Harry says this with his whole chest: “They were happy to lie to protect my brother. They were never willing to tell the truth to protect us.” Harry has succeeded in scaring the sh-t out of an entire royal industrial complex. Currently, Peg and Kathy’s favorite journalists are sputtering and lying about how no one ever leaked anything, all while Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace stay as quiet as possible.

As such, what little coverage there is about the trailer is pretty bargain-basement stuff. The royal reporters are crying about an inconsistent closed-caption on the Netflix trailer, I sh-t you not. The Mail was left trying to source the latest images, and they’re apparently outraged that Harry uses a photo from Prince Philip’s funeral.

But the clear suggestion was that the second part – covering the couple’s wedding, their subsequent falling out with William and Kate and acrimonious departure from the Royal Family – would be far more brutal for Buckingham Palace. And it seems as if the gloves are well and truly coming off.

Meghan talks about being ‘fed to the wolves’ accompanied by a photograph of her being supposedly hounded by a bank of photographers. Except the picture was clearly taken when she flew by private jet to New York for a lavish baby shower when she was expecting her first child, Archie, accompanied by a team of taxpayer-funded police officers.

Even more inexplicably – and controversially – Harry is shown talking about how ‘they’ were happy to ‘lie to protect my brother’. As he says this, the trailer cuts to footage of Buckingham Palace followed by a second sequence of himself and William at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral in April 2021.

This led one well-placed royal source to tell the Mail: ‘No-one is taking lessons in honesty from them.’

Sources also point out that official Royal Family accounts have at times been forced to shut down their own public comment forums due to online abuse from the so-called ‘Sussex squad’, the couple’s self-styled band of acerbic fans.

[From The Daily Mail]

I didn’t catch that the image was of Meghan in New York for her baby shower. I think that’s apt – KP was largely behind the briefing spree and outrage about Meghan’s New York baby shower, as everyone on Salt Island pretended to care deeply about the fact that Meghan has rich girlfriends who wanted to do something nice for her and get her away from being attacked 24-7 in England. I also think the photo of William and Harry at Philip’s funeral is apt, lest we forget the full month of coverage about how Kate was the Keen Linchpin “saving” the brothers’ relationship. Kate was downright gleeful that she could see Harry without Meghan around. The Middleton media was in overdrive.

Anyway, the “lessons in honesty” crack is as good as it gets from “royal sources.” They were frozen stiff for hours yesterday after the trailer dropped. My guess is that the clownshow at KP is organizing another oppo dump on Meghan, which will… literally just prove the Sussexes’ point.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid and WENN.


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