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bitchy | Levin: Queen Camilla must go to America to counteract the Sussexes’ popularity


That hateful old bag Angela Levin has written an authorized biography of Queen Consort Camilla. Levin started writing the book months ago, but the whole thing is being revised in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. There’s a cover change too, to reflect the fact that everyone is supposed to call her Queen Camilla now. I’m calling this book “authorized,” because it’s clear that it was written with Camilla’s permission, and it’s told with an abundance of generosity towards Camilla and all of her motives within the family. Bye-bye homewrecking rottweiler and hello Queen Consort, and all of that. Levin is completely unhinged, so I think it speaks volumes about Camilla that she would agree to this and cosign all of these stupid narratives, but here we are. Levin’s book was excerpted in the Telegraph and, as I said, the sh-t is bonkers. Some highlights:

Prince Andrew’s scheme: Queen Elizabeth asked several people for advice on the matter of Prince Charles marrying Camilla, including Prince Andrew. She had always had a soft spot for Andrew, who seems to have had a way of persuading her to do what he wanted. This time, a senior insider told me, he had a treacherous request. “He tried to persuade the Queen to block Charles marrying Camilla by being quite poisonous, mean, unhelpful and very nasty about Camilla.” His claims included that she was insufficiently aristocratic and that she was not to be trusted. The same individual went on to say that “when Diana was alive, through her friendship with Andrew’s wife Sarah, [Duchess of York] she plotted with Andrew to try to push Prince Charles aside so Prince Andrew could become Regent to Prince William, who was then a teenager.

Camilla had always been suspicious of Prince Harry: One insider felt that being Prince Harry’s stepmother in particular wasn’t easy. “The Duchess always felt quite wary of Harry and used to see him out of the corner of her eye looking at her in a long and cold way. She found it rather unnerving. Otherwise, they got on quite well.”

Camilla’s relationships with William & Kate: Today, the Queen Consort gets on well with the new Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales. An insider might call it “a very grown-up rapport”, which basically means their relationship works, but they are not in each other’s pockets. Her relationship with Prince Harry, however, developed somewhat differently.

Camilla was keen to help Meghan: They had lunches together and Camilla spent a lot of time offering advice on how to handle the pressure. She tried to be supportive, was happy to be her mentor and took her out for private lunches. A source at the time told me: “She doesn’t want to see anyone struggling and she is fond of Meghan.” Meghan, however, seemed bored, was unresponsive and preferred to go her own way, with the result that the Queen Consort’s advice landed on stony ground.

Supporting Meghan’s Together cookbook: The Queen Consort and King Charles wanted to show their support and invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, plus their friend Lucia Santa Cruz, to lunch at Highgrove. Lucia recalls: “As a surprise, Camilla went out of her way to make sure the lunch consisted only of recipes from Meghan’s cookbook, and that included a very hot salsa. It was a really nice gesture.” One that made no impact.

Harry & Meghan have been “horrible” to Camilla: A reliable source has told me that Prince Harry has recently been very negative about Camilla, but believes it, “could be part of his therapy process to relive certain things and he may want to blame someone else for his own mistakes. As I understand it his father and stepmother have become hateful in his mind. I’ve also been told that Meghan has been horrible about her too.” Another source added: “What has happened and how [Prince Harry] has behaved has been very upsetting for her. There have been a lot of hurt feelings all round, but like all families you have to embrace it all and hope it will improve.”

The future with the Sussexes: I was told that there are several options. One is to hope that “interest in what the couple say fades away”. My source said, “Indeed, it already looks as if they have written themselves out of the script.” Other options suggested were to “shrug off” any harmful comments Prince Harry might make or “try to privately negotiate some kind of ceasefire. But that is unlikely to work if Meghan just wants to win.” An important alternative is to keep America close. My source added, “The Sussexes are more liked in America than in the UK, which can damage not only Charles and Camilla but the whole monarchy. The American issue has to be dealt with. The Cambridges have to go to the US to show who the real stars are. As will the Queen Consort and King Charles.”

[From The Telegraph]

Yeah… my take is that Harry always made an effort to get along with Camilla, and then something shifted in 2017-18, during his courtship with Meghan and after their marriage. I strongly suspect that Camilla was saying sh-t about both Harry and Meghan and it came back to Harry. And I’m sorry, the whole idea that Meghan would go to lunch with Camilla and be bored and not listen to her? That doesn’t seem in character with Meghan at all. There’s a real eagerness from Camilla, Sophie and Kate to put it out there that they “gave Meghan a chance” and they were all super-nice to her at the beginning, and then Meghan ruined things by “not listening to them” or what have you.

But really, this is the most important part: “The Sussexes are more liked in America than in the UK, which can damage not only Charles and Camilla but the whole monarchy. The American issue has to be dealt with. The Cambridges have to go to the US to show who the real stars are. As will the Queen Consort and King Charles.” Why is America so important? Because of American media, American charitable contributions, American tourism to the UK and American interest in the British monarchy in general. It’s weird that the Windsors didn’t figure that out before they ripped an American woman to shreds for her “American work ethic” and “American mindset.” Can’t wait to watch Camilla’s haggard charm offensive in America.

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