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bitchy | Leonardo DiCaprio’s desperate damage control is actually hilarious

As I’ve said a few times now, Leonardo DiCaprio’s split with Camila Morrone felt different. It was a long relationship for him, more than four years, and they were only able to have that long relationship because they started dating when she was 20 years old. Once she turned 25 years old, the same thing happened to Camila that happened to every other 25-year-old before her – Leo said “adios” and gave her some breakup gifts, I guess. Something happened in those four years though, and I think it surprised Leo: his whole dating-expiration-date thing became public fodder on a massive scale, to the point where people have been clowning on him for a solid week. Which probably explains why Team DiCaprio has been trying to do some damage control.

First off, Camila is perhaps contractually obligated to put out an unbothered vibe. Yes, Leo dumped her on or around her 25th birthday, but she’s fine. Sources told People: “Camila is doing fine. She has a big group of friends that really care about her. She is moving on with her life. She is not in contact with Leo.” See, no harm, no foul, no one is really getting hurt by the Leo D Girlfriend Experience! Next up: Team DiCaprio is trying to make it clear that Leo would absolutely deign to bang an ancient spinster like Gigi Hadid, who is 27 years old. The Gigi rumors have been happening at such a steady clip, I have to believe DiCaprio wants them out there.

Leonardo DiCaprio has got his eye on Gigi Hadid after his split from Camila Morrone.

“Leo does have his sights set on Gigi, but she hasn’t shown an interest,” a source exclusively reveals in the newest issue of Us Weekly. “They’re friends, but she doesn’t want to be romantic with [him] right now.”

The insider says that while the Titanic star, 47, may have “his sights” on the 27-year-old model, she, however, “doesn’t have her sights on him.”

[From Us Weekly]

Yeah, this reeks of “See? The over-25 women don’t want Leo, he HAS to date 20-year-olds!” I see Leo’s efforts and they’re cracking me up. This man is in the TRENCHES! It’s gotten so bad that he’s contacting 1990s ex-girlfriends and asking them to speak in his defense. That’s exactly what happened when Kristen Zang wrote a little essay for People Magazine about how she and Leo were together for four years when they were both 21. They broke up around her 25th birthday (lolz) but she emphasizes that she outgrew him and she was ready to move on from that relationship. She’s trying to clap-back on the “ageist headlines and comments” which is funny because literally no one is making fun of Camila Morrone. It’s not “ageist” to say “wow, Leo dumps women on their 25th birthday.” LEO IS AGEIST, not the headlines. Anyway, it’s completely insane that Zang felt the need to cape for Leo, my God.

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