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bitchy | Lady Susan Hussey went to church in Norfolk with King Charles & Princess Anne


It’s been almost two full months since Lady Susan Hussey singled out Ngozi Fulani at Buckingham Palace. Hussey barraged Fulani with a racist interrogation about where Fulani is “really” from. When Fulani reported Hussey’s racist interrogation publicly, the palace lied about apologizing to Fulani, and they made a big show of allowing Hussey to “resign” from her emeritus Lady-in-Waiting position. Hussey never resigned – she has been in the royal fold for the past two months, and she will most likely attend King Charles’s Clowning. It took the palace seventeen DAYS to organize a face-to-face conversation between Fulani and Hussey too, and the palace made it seem like Hussey was “owed” an apology from Fulani too. Anyway, would you like even more evidence that Hussey never exited the royal fold?

Lady Susan Hussey joined the King and the Princess Royal at a church service at Sandringham, two months after resigning in a racism row. The 83-year-old was pictured smiling after attending St Mary Magdalene Church on the royal family’s Norfolk estate on Sunday.

It comes after she stepped down from an honorary role after asking Ngozi Fulani, a black British domestic violence campaigner, where she “really came from” at a Buckingham Palace event in December.

Lady Susan wore a dark-coloured coat and hat and in one photo appeared to be clutching a white rose and grinning, as members of the public looked on.

The Prince of Wales’s godmother resigned from the royal household and apologised after she repeatedly challenged Ms Fulani, when she said she was British, at the Queen Consort’s reception highlighting violence against women and girls.

[From The Independent]

When the story about Hussey “expecting” an invitation to the coronation came out, I said that it was an implicit threat by Hussey and her defenders (mostly the royal reporters who seemingly get a lot of gossip from Hussey, meaning she’s a “royal source”). The implied threat was: Hussey has a long-ass memory and she could do real damage to the monarchy and Charles and Camilla. Better inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in, as my father always said. It’s a shame Charles didn’t regard his younger son the same way. Of course, Hussey has one thing Harry doesn’t: she apparently shares the exact same racist, elitist value system as Charles and Camilla.

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Embed from Getty Images

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